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Make. Keto. Easy.

Complete Nutrition for Nutritional Ketosis

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What is Keto Chow
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Optimized, Complete, Keto Nutrition

Keto Chow is a complete keto food designed to give you everything you need in a convenient, portable shake. Mix up a bunch, grab and go! No need to worry about electrolytes, carbs, vitamins, or macros. It’s dead-on every time with no fuss.

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For those that want to use their own protein/sweetener/flavor (or just to save on international shipping) we have Keto Chow Base Powder, we also have fish oil pills for Omega 3s, Blender Bottles for mixing, and Hydro Flasks for keeping your Chow cold.

How to prepare Keto Chow

Here’s the short version: Add 79ml of heavy cream to a shaker/blender bottle. Add 1 scoop of the Keto Chow powder, then fill the bottle to 16 ounces. Shake it up until all the powder is wet. Stick in your fridge, it needs a few hours (overnight is best).

For more detailed instructions, please visit the How to Prepare Keto Chow page.

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