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Back from Dreamforce, added Bitcoin payment

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While I was gone I got a question about adding Bitcoin as a payment option. It turned out to be fairly straightforward, so that’s now an option along with Paypal.

I’m back from the Dreamforce conference! It was a week of soylent fueled learning stuff (there might have also been a few concerts and parties that I may or may not have gone to). I packed my People Chow in the GNC containers I have everywhere at my house now. I figured the TSA would be more affable if it was in a labeled container that (somewhat) represented what was inside. I didn’t have a problem at all though.

soylent at the airport

soylent at the airport

Dreamforce was great though and I added an additional certification, so now in addition to being a Certified SalesForce Administrator I’m also now a Certified SalesForce Cloud Consultant. I guess the next step is getting my Advanced Admin.


Yeah, I’ve had most of these conversations. Apparently I do… computers.



Sketch from a vendor booth

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Shipping delay redux – going to a conference

I’m going to be in San Francisco from October 11 to the 17th for Dreamforce. I plan to ship out all current orders on Friday the 10th before I leave and will ship any new ones that come in on Saturday the 18th when I get back. There are a few people with active weekly subscriptions that will renew in the middle of the week and I’m planning on having their orders mixed on Friday too. Ideally my wife will be able to take them to the post office without a hitch.

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