I like ordering from BodyBuilding.com because they get stuff to me the next day. I started using Allstarhealth.com for Psyllium Husk powder and the Cal/Mag/D3 powder but I wanted to see how the price compares between Bodybuildng and AllstarHealth; who ships from California to Utah in 2 days (still pretty good).

I put together a test order on both sites for two 2-lb tubs and two 10-lb boxes. Here’s how it broke down:


So, the initial price is a bit higher on bodybuilding.com compared to Allstarhealth.com BUT there’s a 10% off coupon that is always up to date on this page that brings the price down. Note about that coupon: it changes once a month and you can only use the code once (until the next time it changes, next month)… unless you order using “incognito mode” and checkout as a guest. So for now I’m going to stick with Bodybuilding.com – it’s a day quicker and costs just a teeny, tiny bit less.