Minor Recipe changes now LIVE: Keto Chow 1.0.4

////Minor Recipe changes now LIVE: Keto Chow 1.0.4

Minor Recipe changes now LIVE: Keto Chow 1.0.4

I did a small number of changes to the recipe for Keto Chow:

  • The LIQUID part of the coconut oil was causing confusion. I’m removing it in favor of just MCT.
  • MK-4 pills have been replaced with MK-7, you still open up one for each day (7 for a week) and add it when mixing together the powder as I do with the pre-mixed Keto Chow.
  • I’m now grinding the vitamin pills with a blender. The 1.53g is how much 1 pill weighs. You can grind yours up and add it to the mixture like I do or you can just take one pill per day.

I’ve also updated the preparation instructions accordingly. Nothing ground breaking or really super notable but hey, it’s changes so now the recipe is 1.0.4

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About the Author:

Chris Bair is a technology and computer geek. He became involved in the nutritionally complete "future foods" movement in January 2014, originally with a conventional recipe and later switching to a high fat, low carb "ketogenic" variant on October 2014. In January 2015 he created the recipe for Keto Chow and released it without restriction for anyone to use, at the same time he began mixing the recipe up for people that wanted a finished product and has seen steady growth in the business every month since. Chris has lived in Utah for most of his life, except for a few years living in Chile where he learned Castillian. Chris and his wife have two sets of twins with a couple singltons thrown in for good measure.


  1. KetoChowN00b September 1, 2015 at 12:20 am - Reply

    Just wondering how you came to the conclusion to swap MK-4 for MK-7. The change seems arbitrary as they are both supplements for K2, but information seems to indicate they have different benefits. I had a tough time finding the MK-4 this weekend, so I picked up a bottle that has both MK-4 & MK-7 in a single pill.

    • chris September 1, 2015 at 2:41 am - Reply

      I just bought 1000g of Vitamin K7 powder. It works out to be 1g = 10 pills of the NOW stuff that I’m currently using (1,000 μg/g). I’m pretty stoked with the prospect of NOT having to open up 100 bottles of 100 pills and getting the powder out. If this does work out there’s going to be a departure in the DIY recipe vs the recipe I mix up since it’s pretty hard to get a hold of this powder unless you’re willing to spend really a lot of money (let’s put it this way, I’m not saving very much by doing it this way, it’s mostly convenience). So the DIY recipe will remain with the NOW capsules and I’ll be using the stuff from aidp.com You can continue to use mk4 and it won’t be a problem.

      • KetoChowN00b September 2, 2015 at 1:37 pm - Reply

        Ah. So more focussed on the K2 as opposed to the type/source of K2. It would be nice to not have to bother with any pills in any of this. I’m off to mix up my first batch using your guides. Thanks!

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