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Transition complete: all packages have the vitamins mixed in now

We started adding the vitamins to the mixture about a month ago. Some of the flavors and sizes are less popular than others and some we had just made a lot the day before the transition started. As of Saturday, all of the packages now have the vitamins included in the mixture so there isn’t a need to have a bag of them and you don’t have to remember to take one a day. We will probably continue putting the “No more vitamin pills, it’s in the mix” labels on the packages for about a month so everyone can be aware of the change.

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11 months, DreamForce14 to DreamForce15

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11 months ago I attended DreamForce 2014. It was really good. It was also the “the straw that broke the camel’s back” in that the sheer amount of weight I gained during the conference convinced me to make some changes and start Keto. Attached to this post is the headshot taken last year during DreamForce next to one taken yesterday. You can’t see most of my body but I weigh 60 lbs (4.3 stone, 27.2 kg) less now:

2015-09-17 07_19_05-Health Mate

It has been interesting (food wise) to be here at the conference. I just bring Keto Chow in insulated flasks since “breakfast” is juice and bread (I could eat the butter), lunch is a tiny bit of meat with carbs that you have to stand in line for, dinner’s on your own – I figure I might as well keep going.

So anyhow, that’s 11 months down; the rest of my life to go!

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Pro tip: close the lid

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At a training, all the is to eat is pastries and fruit. I guess I could eat the butter but that’s a bit excessive. Luckily I brought along keto chow (I planned on this happening and didn’t want to go into carb coma during class), unluckily I apparently did not securely close the little spout. Had to spend 15 minutes in the bathroom cleaning up my backpack. I guess I should be happy it only spilled a little bit.

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Making Keto Chow in a Hotel

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Doing something like Keto Chow in a hotel room presents some interesting issues. I’ve done another “soylent” in hotels before and I’ve done Keto Chow while camping. I’m using a couple tools to make this all work in my hotel room.

  1. A refrigerator. Doesn’t come standard in the room though a quick call to the front desk and it’s happily chilling out.
  2. Shelf stable cream, specifically the Trader Joe’s brand. While it’s not the same fat content as the Heavy Cream I normally use, this travels well and you don’t have to worry about it. It comes in smallish 8 ounce containers and plugging the nutrition information from the package into the Recipe Editor on it says that I need to use all 236ml per day to get 1400 calories. This works out to 78ml per meal. So I open a box, split it 3 ways and I’m done with that box.
  3. I brought along two of the 18oz Hydro Flask insulated containers. These should keep lunch nicely chilled all day.
  4. I brought along a bottle brush and dish soap. You have to scrub out the hydro flasks (and blender bottles).
  5. I have 3 blender bottles. I’m going to mix in these and transfer 1 or 2 meals into the hydro flasks as needed.
  6. I stopped and grabbed a bottle of liquid coconut oil since my containers of MCT oil are the massive 64 ounce ones.
  7. Scale, measuring cups, a bowl to measure into and some fish oil pills.

Anyhow, should be interesting to see how it all works out. I have classes tomorrow and the included breakfast is bagels and pastries. No way am I eating that junk. Going to bring along my Keto Chow and if I’m lucky there will be a cheese tray during lunch.

Fun with Nginx

WARNING: the following is geeky devops/sysadmin stuff that has nothing to do with keto.

I moved servers quite recently and in the process went from Apache to Nginx. Nginx is indeed much faster but it has come with a pretty steep learning curve to get everything working right. And today I ran into a problem with non-logged in (guest) users getting scrambled or lost shopping carts. Seems to be the “microcaching” that was messing things up. I’ve removed that and it seems to be working much better. Memcached is still going but just for wordpress “transients” and not sessions. I’ll see if I can reenable those later. Sort of reminds me of this GIF from devopsreactions.

Let me know if you experience any weirdness.

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New “how to prepare Keto Chow” video (6 meals)

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Had some time yesterday to make a new video on how to prepare Keto Chow. I also wanted to talk about using an insulated thermos like this 40 ounce Hydro Flask or this 16 ounce one because you can use them for when you won’t have refrigeration available. You can also use them to maintain “slushy” for hours Keto Chow made mostly with ice in a blender (think Wendy’s Frosty). Takes me about 14 minutes to make 6 meals worth in the video, it’s faster if you’re not ‘splaining stuff.

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Great NYTimes article by Gary Taubes

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As described on Reddit:

An excellent article highlighting the differences between fat and carb restricted diets, and the aftermath when people end them, and the effect that carbs have on increased hunger.

Gary Taubes is the guy that wrote “Why we get fat and what to do about it” and “Good Calories, Bad Calories

I also found this great (older article):

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