• Weight: 206.0
  • Blood ketones: <0.1 mmol/L

My wife wanted to go to dinner with friends before we went to the “Home and Garden show” so we went to Texas Roadhouse and with my

[still very painful if I chew hard] jaw I got the grilled chicken salad without the croutons. I think I would have been OK except I ate too many of the peanuts whilst waiting and I totally killed my ketosis. Ended up with non-detectable ketone levels this morning plus all that extra salt had my water weight up too. Diet FAIL. I’m planning to do a fast tomorrow though, that should reset everything and make it happy again. Might have to check my ketone levels when I go to eat tomorrow evening.

On a different note: acting on a hunch I tried some of the protein powder I had been using to test the new mineral powder blend all by its self; like I grabbed a spoon and ate some straight. I must have gotten “lucky” and gotten a weird batch of protein powder. So I’m going to test the same vitamin pre-mix with some Rich Chocolate.

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