Update to Keto Chow review, seems he liked it

////Update to Keto Chow review, seems he liked it

Update to Keto Chow review, seems he liked it

In his own words:

Overall, I would probably give Keto Chow a 4 out of 5. The top flavors are fantastic, and I only give 5 out of 5 for things that really blow my mind. Chris commented that the “build a month” deals are cheaper, so I’ll take a look at that. It comes to around $4 a meal after shipping, so there is quite a bit of value in ordering Keto Chow.

Honestly, if you are looking for a keto soylent option, you are probably more worried about time and health than money. The amount of hassle saved from fewer dishes, decreased time going through security at work, and cooking is worth the money. Don’t listen to me though. I’m a guy that prefers Five Guys over Eleven Madison Park and has a suitcase that hasn’t been unpacked for half a year because I hate laundry.

Jefferey Zhou posted a review of Keto Chow back on March 19. A few days ago he posted an update. While I think he’s completely crazy for scoring SnickerDoodle lowest =) it was a nice review. The clumpiness he mentions does indeed happen if you don’t mix it up a second time:

I find that after 10 minutes or so, the fiber collects in the bottom; give it a good shake to stir things up. If you don’t mix it up, you might get some clumps of fiber which are a bit weird, it’s also the #1 complaint so make sure you mix it up!

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Chris Bair is a technology and computer geek. He became involved in the nutritionally complete "future foods" movement in January 2014, originally with a conventional recipe and later switching to a high fat, low carb "ketogenic" variant on October 2014. In January 2015 he created the recipe for Keto Chow and released it without restriction for anyone to use, at the same time he began mixing the recipe up for people that wanted a finished product and has seen steady growth in the business every month since. Chris has lived in Utah for most of his life, except for a few years living in Chile where he learned Castillian. Chris and his wife have two sets of twins with a couple singltons thrown in for good measure.

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