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Keto Chow 1.9 now shipping

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TL;DR 1.9 has a better vitamin/mineral source, I’ve been on it 4 months, MCT optional.

If you’ve been following Keto Chow for a while, you may remember the major improvement that came with 1.5. The switch to 1.9 isn’t a big deal like that =), you may not even notice anything has changed. The taste and texture are nearly identical. You may pick up a bit of “vitamin” aftertaste – I can taste it, though none of the other people I had test the new formulation could. I guess I’m just weird. To make sure it was completely safe for long term use I’ve been doing 1.9 for the better part of 4 months while I’ve been working on getting it in production.

Most of the “Week” bulk packages have been switched over to 1.9 over the past week:

  • Rich Chocolate
  • Gourmet Vanilla
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Cookies & Cream

The Chocolate Peanut Butter and Snickerdoodle “Day” packages are 1.9 too. It’s been rather stressful for my awesome wife to coordinate the changeover and using up the remaining 1.5 ingredients in a sane manner.

The big change in 1.9 is that I’m using the vitamin/mineral pre-mix that is going to be used in Keto Chow 2.0. Because Keto Chow 2.0 is going to be manufactured on an industrial scale, grinding up Kirkland vitamins isn’t really an option anymore. I needed a replacement that I can order in 1000kg increments. While I was at it I also had them incorporate all of the other ingredients that I was getting in small amounts (Calcium Phosphate, Vitamin K, Choline L-Bitartrate, Calcium/Magnesium Citrate, Vitamin D3) and took the opportunity to increase the amount of Magnesium. A higher than normal magnesium requirement runs in my family and I’d rather not have to take a magnesium supplement in addition to Keto Chow – so everyone reaps the rewards. Other vitamins and minerals have also been adjusted up above minimum levels to optimal levels along with optimal forms for bioavailability. For comparison, here’s the nutrition information for 1.5 compared to 1.9 for Rich Chocolate:

1.5 vs.1.9 nutrition

It should also be noted that the figures for 1.9 are assuming that the batch is only at the specified level. Each batch of pre-mix I get comes with a Certificate Of Analysis (COA) that gives the actual amounts in that specific batch. They tend to have a higher amount, especially for the vitamins that oxidize quicker to build in some longevity. After the “best used by” date you might be getting a little bit less of certain vitamins but not much less. If you want to check out how well different nutrients store, check out this excellent document. In case you are curious and want to check it out, here is the COA for the batch of pre-mix I just received. This may be of interest to people in light of a recent reddit post on the subject of micronutrients.

An additional change I’m doing with 1.9 is making MCT optional in the preparation instructions (it’s still awesome for Keto though, so I recommend it if your bowels tolerate it). Because creating a custom vitamin pre-mix and ordering several hundred kilograms is outside a normal DIY recipe, I’m going to leave the recipe for 1.5 alone and fork the recipe for 1.9 over to a new location. Feel free to continue making your own 1.5 – it’s not going away.

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We’re selling Blender Bottles now

A couple months ago we ordered some Blender Bottles with the Keto Chow logo on it. The plan was we were going to package the “Sample All the Things!” inside a blender bottle, it was going to be awesome. The bottles were supposed to be ready next week. Unfortunately, it appears our stuff was in a container being transported on a Hanjin freighter so it’s unknown when we will actually get them. They offered us a deal on un-branded Blender Bottles to tide us over; so today I drove down to the Blender Bottle corporate headquarters and picked up an Excursion full:

Bunch of Blender Bottles

We bought a bunch of extra black ones and have packaged all the “Sample all the things!” bundles we had handy in them. So starting today: if you order one, you get a Blender Bottle too! We figure you’re going to need one anyway =)

We also have a bunch of other colors on sale for $6 each. Check it out


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Revised Keto Chow Brownie/Muffin recipe

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My original Keto Chow brownie/bar recipe was a bit of a hack, luckily one of my readers refined the recipe and shared his changes. The result is a much better “brownie” recipe that also makes extremely good muffins. Here is the updated recipe, and here are some photos from last night:

I’ve made it “Brownie” style in a pan and then cut up but I ended up with an uncooked center section. Splitting it up into “muffins” removes that problem entirely and makes it less crumbly so it’s easier to transport. I made 6 “meals” with 3 muffins being a meal.

Personally, I like this better than the muffins made with the pancake/muffin recipe since they don’t collapse after cooling. I’m planning on making a batch next time I’m traveling since it doesn’t absolutely require refrigeration for a few days and transports easily.

NMR Cholesterol Blood Test Results: I’m still alive (what a relief!)

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Several months ago I got a letter from my health insurance company telling me that they thought I should start taking statins.

Number A) That’s crazy!

Number B) No freaking way am I taking statins, given what I know about their side effects.

Number C) Are we looking at the same results? Because the ones I’m looking at are awesome.

It was time for me to go to my doctor and I had decided it was time to get either a VAP or an NMR Lipid Profile done. Why? LipoProtein particle count is important. Far more important than the density of the lipids within the protein so far as being an indicator of likely cardiovascular disease (CVD).

So I went to my doctor a few weeks ago, told him about the letter and told him I wanted to do an NMR or VAP. His initial response was “how on earth do you know what those are?” Next he pulled up my previous results and was rather confused since according to him my numbers were fine “are you sure they got the right person?” Anyway, he asked which one I wanted (NMR or VAP) – I wasn’t picky so I just said “Whichever one is more expensive.” I figure if they’re saying crazy stuff about me taking statins, they need to pay for it. So I got an NMR, the results took about 2 weeks to come back. Turns out that 2 years of a ketogenic diet is treating me just fine. So, let’s compare my “regular” lipid panel numbers!

March 2014 was 3 months after I started People Chow (high carb). January 2015 I was 3 months into keto. May 2015 I was 7 months into keto. September 2016 and I’m very close to 2 years of keto. I’m at less than half my previous triglyceride number, HDL continues to climb. Total Cholesterol and LDL are up as well but that’s why I wanted the NMR.

Cholesterol1421351611740-200 mg/dL
Triglycerides1609675700-200 mg/dL
HDL Cholesterol4345495340-60 mg/dL
LDL (calculated)6771971070-160 mg/dL


OK, now for the NMR numbers:

LDL Particle Number by NMR943<1000
LDL Cholesterol107< 100
HDL Cholesterol53>39
HDL Particle Number32.3>=30.5
Small LDL Particle Number212<=527
LDL Particle Size20.7>20.5
Large VLDL Particle Number1<=2.7
Small LDL (Particle Number)212<=527
Large HDL Particle Number3.3>=4.8
VLDL Size43.1<=46.6
LDL Size20.7>=20.8
HDL Size8.6>=9.2
LP Insulin Resistance Score46<=45

Conclusion from my doctor? “Great on LDL number. Size is good. HDL is good, particle number is a little low but not alarming alone. Overall, I would NOT take a statin at this time. Insulin resistance is slightly elevated.” He’s talking about that last number. It’s a score LabCorp assigns based on a couple factors as explained in their test detail document:

Metabolic Syndrome Markers. Three parameters (average LDL size and pattern, large HDL particle number, and large VLDL particle number ) are reported that are closely associated with insulin resistance and increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Well yeah, Back 2 years ago I decidedly had metabolic syndrome and was well along the path of developing “type 2 diabetes mellitus” as they say. Not any more =)

On a final note, I used the numbers I got from this test to complete a “Healthy Living Assesment” for my health insurance (hey, $70 is $70!) the computer recommends I eat less fat to be more healthy. –SIGH–

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How do you explain Keto Chow?

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There was a great thread over on reddit “How do you explain Keto Chow?” – good stuff, but there were 2 responses that are awesome. I’m going to edit them so my kids can read them without their eyes melting and fix some spelling and grammar issues.

It usually goes like this:

ppl: Hey, WOW, you’re looking great! Are you on a diet?

Me: Yes!, Have you heard of Soylent?

ppl: Hardy har har ‘soylent green’, you eat people

Me: This is a food replacement drink that gives me exactly the calories/vitamins/nutrients/minerals that my human body needs.

ppl: … , so you’re not eating?

Me: I have engineered my food to give me exactly what I need with none of the bad stuff.

ppl: … , but like you’re not eating, I like food, is this what you eat for Thanksgiving?

Me: No, Of course not, eating Keto Chow is what allows me to have a few cheat days while still keeping me slim and healthy

ppl: What the crap is Keto Chow?

Me: explains ketogenic diet

ppl: …

ppl: I like food, you’re weird, eating that much fat is bad for you, why can’t you just eat salad?

Me: Keto Chow means theres no more cooking, cleaning, running to the grocery store, paying a small fortune every 5 days for fresh fruit and veg, no more logging and guessing what to enter into MyFitnessPal

ppl: …, You’re so lazy, and weird, who doesn’t like food?! changes subject

and one of the replies:

I like to get Metaphysical on them.

ppl: Why don’t you just eat food?

Me: What is food?

ppl: You know, stuff you eat! Stuff you CHEW on you know!

Me: So if I put a lego in my mouth, crush it with my teeth and swallow it, does that make it food?

ppl: Noooo….

Me: So what makes it food?

… Continue as necessary until it is established that food doesn’t have to be chewed, it is something consumed to provide energy and nutrition for life. Ergo KetoChow is food.

This can actually be really entertaining and MIGHT make them reconsider what they think about food. It also might not (probably not) but it can make them look pretty foolish for a little while.

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15% Sale on Rich Chocolate (all sizes)

Last week’s sale on Chocolate Peanut Butter was indeed rather crazy. In all we sold just under 200 week packs as part of the sale. The only thing that’s more crazy than discounting Peanut Butter is discounting Rich Chocolate, so that’s what we’re doing. Rich Chocolate is the most popular flavor we sell, by far. Back in March I ran the numbers and it accounted for 22% of our sales. Should be interesting =)

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“We’re All Guinea Pigs in a Failed Decades-Long Diet Experiment”

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So what occasioned this rant? A new article published over on “We’re All Guinea Pigs in a Failed Decades-Long Diet Experiment“. The thought of a class action lawsuit against some company is tantalizing but are we also going to posthumously sue “Doctor”Ansel Keys and Senator George McGovern for their roles in all this? I’m going to move on and help as many people as I can. That’s why I make Keto Chow.

As a kid, one of the things I loved to eat more than anything was a bowl of melted cheese. Cut off a slab, microwave it and eat it with a fork. I didn’t do it very often.

Part of that was cheese was (and still is) rather expensive. The main reason was that I knew that it was full of fat and fat is bad for you. I would even microwave it a bit longer and drain off the oil that over-cooking the cheese would render out. Why did I know that fat was bad for you? The 1980 US Dietary Guidelines said so, my parents, my teachers, EVERYBODY said that it was bad. So it was. End of discussion, or so we though.

For almost 2 years now I have been living with new knowledge: that refined carbohydrates are the true cause of the obesity I’ve battled almost all of my life. Some people seem to handle sugar OK; I don’t. For these past two years, I’ve lived with a High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low Carbohydrate lifestyle. I’ve only “cheated” twice (January 2015 when I ate carbs before a weight loss competition, and I ate some breaded fish at a party in September 2015 and immediately regretted it). Knowing what I know about diet and nutrition now, and looking back at my life; I sometimes get angry. It passes when I think that at least my kids won’t have to deal with what I did, but I still get upset.

Along with the aforementioned cheese I also really, REALLY like bacon and sausage. Emphasis on the sausage. Before October 2014, eating sausage was an extremely guilty pleasure. Like when I hear Backstreet Boys and it reminds me of living in Chile back in 1997. When I cook sausage now it’s typically because we’re camping and I cook 2 pounds of it, plus another 3lbs or so of bacon and a couple dozen eggs. Granted: there are 8 of us, but the kids usually don’t have to ask “how many pieces can I have?” – they just get what they want. I didn’t put butter on anything before November 2014 because it was “bad”. When I think about sausage, sour cream, cream cheese, butter, guacamole and the other downright awesome fatty foods I didn’t use to eat: I get angry too.

When I think about Type 2 diabetes, which I thankfully did not develop before I started Keto, I’m filled with grief and a bit of rage.

I suspect everyone has someone they know, love, or respect DIE because of the effects of refined carbohydrates ravaging their bodies. Some people I’ve successfully helped transition to getting rid of sugar, flour, rice and other carbs and turning their lives around. Other people, I’ve tried to help but they didn’t want to make the change. They like bread too much, or candy, or pasta, or potatoes. I’ve never had bread that’s worth dying for (which is saying a lot, we grew up on homemade sourdough bread). Again, while I acknowledge that there are some people who can healthily have some refined carbohydrates, the level of sugar consumption we have attained in our diet is astounding. If Peter Attia can develop T2 diabetes doing Iron Man races, then do the rest of us have any hope?

Probably not unless we ignore the official dietary recommendations and do something else.

When I get an hour block I’m going to watch “Fixing Dad” about two UK film-makers who intervened in their father’s life when he was facing likely amputations due to his diabetes. There seems to be an over-emphasis on extreme exercise but the message about changing his diet looks promising.

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Cool New Stuff

First off: If you haven’t noticed – we’re rocking a new site address for the blog and main page:

We are also using a new shopping cart system that you can get to at Both platforms should be noticeably faster and more stable (and require less administrative oversight). I’ve put in redirects for most of the old pages, with a few notable exceptions to allow people to access old order history and to manage subscriptions (since I don’t have support for subscription in the new system yet). As a bit of an incentive to use the new store anyway, I’d like to point out that shipping is cheaper on the new site (and it’s where Chocolate Peanut Butter is 20% off right now!)

Second: We have a new location. Granted, for now it’s mostly just an empty warehouse with a bunch of shelves but as soon as Keto Chow 2.0 Co-Packing is in full swing it will be where your Keto Chow is shipped from. There’s a sign on the door (which faces south and the sun is REALLY bright in your eyes) and a lighted sign on the street

New LocationRoad Sign


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It has Arrived: 20% off Chocolate Peanut Butter

I asked my lovely wife if she was crazy this morning. Let me give you some context: we’ve been running sales on various flavors for the last several weeks and every time we’ve done them that particular flavor has sold like crazy. Chocolate Peanut Butter is my favorite flavor of Keto Chow and anyone who says differently is just lying to themselves (or allergic to peanuts). The thought of putting Chocolate Peanut Butter on sale frankly scares me, but she said to do it, so I’ll do it.

We’re talking $60 for a week, $10.30 for a day and $4.80 for a sample.

Here’s where it gets interesting though: The last several weeks I’ve been working on a new shopping cart that should make things moar fasterer. I’m not quite ready to pull down the old cart on but I’m not putting this sale on the old site, only on – so head on over there to get your tasty, tasty Chocolate Peanut Butter. Also, let me know if you see any problems.

Of note: the build-a-month and build-a-week bundles have been replaced with a bulk discount. Just add 4 (or 7) of them to your cart and you’ll see the discount right there. Should be far less confusing for new customers. I also haven’t gotten around to bitcoin payments yet and I’m still trying to figure out how to do subscriptions on the new site.

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