First off: If you haven’t noticed – we’re rocking a new site address for the blog and main page:

We are also using a new shopping cart system that you can get to at Both platforms should be noticeably faster and more stable (and require less administrative oversight). I’ve put in redirects for most of the old pages, with a few notable exceptions to allow people to access old order history and to manage subscriptions (since I don’t have support for subscription in the new system yet). As a bit of an incentive to use the new store anyway, I’d like to point out that shipping is cheaper on the new site (and it’s where Chocolate Peanut Butter is 20% off right now!)

Second: We have a new location. Granted, for now it’s mostly just an empty warehouse with a bunch of shelves but as soon as Keto Chow 2.0 Co-Packing is in full swing it will be where your Keto Chow is shipped from. There’s a sign on the door (which faces south and the sun is REALLY bright in your eyes) and a lighted sign on the street

New LocationRoad Sign