A couple months ago we ordered some Blender Bottles with the Keto Chow logo on it. The plan was we were going to package the “Sample All the Things!” inside a blender bottle, it was going to be awesome. The bottles were supposed to be ready next week. Unfortunately, it appears our stuff was in a container being transported on a Hanjin freighter so it’s unknown when we will actually get them. They offered us a deal on un-branded Blender Bottles to tide us over; so today I drove down to the Blender Bottle corporate headquarters and picked up an Excursion full:

Bunch of Blender Bottles

We bought a bunch of extra black ones and have packaged all the “Sample all the things!” bundles we had handy in them. So starting today: if you order one, you get a Blender Bottle too! We figure you’re going to need one anyway =)

We also have a bunch of other colors on sale for $6 each. Check it out