This week we’re going to try something different: instead of doing a sale on a specific flavor, we’re doing a sale on a size! We introduced day packs as an option in June 2015 and they’re quite popular for testing out a bunch of flavors, or for easier storage or transportation. I’ll be blogging more about it in a bit but on my recent trip to San Francisco I used day packages. People in high-humidity areas also tend to like them since they can be used quickly after opening without falling prey to the humidity.

So, grab some day packs. If you’ve never tried making keto chow in a blender, 3 meals at a time, now’s your chance (I put in 237ml of heavy cream, the powder and enough water to fill it up to 48 ounces, blend and split between 3 containers at 16 oz each). Or maybe grab some strawberry and some Torani or Da Vinci sugar free syrups and have a flavor party!

For fun: