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I just added a new tool to the Nutrition Information page: a calorie customizer.

It’s simple to use, just put in the calories you want for the day and it’ll tell you how much heavy cream to use. It will also tell you how many grams of carbs, protein, and fat you’ll be getting in each meal. It’s pretty awesome =) One thing to note: some of the fine details are different from what you’d get on the nutrition labels – among other things I discovered the protein content and calories for the heavy cream were off by a tiny amount. This calculator is using all the latest information I have available. and using the USDA values for Heavy Cream. The heavy cream you use may have slightly different values too (which I think is what happened, I probably had values in for the “Darigold 40” I get from Costco).

For fun, it’s also right here:

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