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Flavor of the Week: 15% off sale on Chocolate Peanut Butter (all sizes)

Our Cyber Monday madness may be over but Chocolate Peanut Butter (the best flavor of all, anyone that says different is lying and wants your Chocolate Peanut Butter) is still on sale, 15% off this week. So, come get some!

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Results of Cyber Monday sale

The Cyber Monday sale is still going on for a few more hours but we finally finished shipping today’s orders so I figured I would give an update. We shipped both “Black Friday” and “Small Businesss Saturday”and then took a “Leave me alone it’s Sunday” break. Despite shipping Friday and Saturday, we still hit a record high of orders in one day, even higher than Boxing Day 2015, otherwise known as “Day after Christmas – oh crap I need to lose some weight for my New Year resolution”. Here’s how it looked in an 8 foot truck bed:

Truck Bed of Cyber Monday packages


You may notice the falling snow – we’re getting out first serious snowstorm of the year, luckily it stopped snowing long enough to get over to the post office without anything getting wet. Phew!

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2016 Black Friday, Cyber Monday (plus Saturday and Sunday) sale

UPDATE: the sale has ended.

It’s time for our first ever after Thanksgiving sale! Whether you’re stocking up your own supplies, getting something for that crazy person doing keto, or getting ready for your New Year resolution to lose weight – this sale is for you!

Here’s what we got going on – Black Friday, November 24 – Cyber Monday, November 28:

  • Free US Shipping You just need to enter the coupon code SHIP15. USPS Priority Mail (2-day) shipping within the United States is free with a coupon. We aren’t doing free FedEx shipping, nor are we doing free international shipping; but you still get the same $15 discount on shipping, just add the coupon code.
  • $10 off “Sample all the Things!” a sample of every flavor – comes in a Keto Chow branded Blender Bottle.
  • $5 off the “Just the Minerals” week size, $25 off the large pack for 10lbs of protein – handy for customizing Keto Chow with your own protein powder/flavor/sweetener – plus it’s WAY cheaper to ship internationally – I can fit 6 “weeks” in the same flat rate envelope I use for a single full week.
  • The large week packs of Cookies & Cream, Snickerdoodle, and Chocolate Fudge are all $10 off.
  • Last week we did a 15% off sale on Rich Chocolate (by far the most popular flavor), that sale ended Monday morning…
  • Starting on “Cyber Monday” had a “flavor of the week” 20% off sale on Chocolate Peanut Butter – which is the best flavor. Anybody that says different is crazy.

Head on over to the Keto Chow store now!

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One step closer to Keto Chow 2.0

Let’s see how the progress towards Keto Chow 2.0 is going:

  • Found a place to make it.

  • Had a custom vitamin/mineral pre-mix manufactured.

  • Found a protein powder I can get by the truckload.

  • Found suitable flavors.

  • Figured out how to get Chocolate Peanut Butter manufactured.

  • Got pricing for contract manufacturing.

  • Created artwork for sample packages.

  • Ordered Sample packaging.

  • Received vitamin/mineral pre-mix.

  • Delivered Pre-mix to contract manufacturer.

  • Created artwork for week bulk bags.

  • Got pricing for printed bulk bags.

  • Ordered bags for week packages.

  • Waited a couple weeks for manufacturing.

  • Received the finished Keto Chow 2.0

Today I delivered the vitamin pre-mix to the contract manufacturer. People asked why I bought a F-350, precisely for this: we were able to load a 1500lb pallet full of stuff into the back and drive it down. Easy-peasy.

I also picked up the (hopefully) formulation of coloring (had to make banana yellow and strawberry pink!). Very few steps remain for me to do before full-scale production begins. Best-case scenario: we could have it mid-December.

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The Vitamins and Minerals for Keto Chow 2.0 has arrived – also the “sample” packaging is complete

We’re another major step closer to having Keto Chow 2.0 launched. the 2200 lb. (1000 kg) shipment of custom vitamin and mineral pre-mix we will be using has arrived. We had planned on using the 500kg shipment we got a while ago to launch KC2.0 but we’ve used up nearly half of that making KC1.9. Now we can make a bunch!

In other news, I ordered the packaging for the sample/individual meals, check it out:

Pricing isn’t finalized yet but the plan is that 3 of the new samples will cost less than a 3-meal “day” pack currently costs. You may notice that one of the flavors is missing: Chocolate Peanut Butter. We will be making chocolate peanut butter (whoah there, keep your shirt on!) – but the facility that will be packaging all of the samples and most of the week packs has an employee who is allergic to peanuts. The short of it is: we’re having a different facility make the Chocolate Peanut Butter BUT they aren’t able to make stick-packs as large as we need =( Until we figure out a solution, we’ll have week packs of peanut butter, but no samples. Honestly it’s not a huge loss for samples, it’s the best flavor available: you’re going to like it! It is, however, a downer for portability: no individual chocolate peanut butter meals.

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Flavor of the week: 15% off Rich Chocolate – Black Friday sale impending

This week we have our most popular flavor (by a significant margin) on sale: 15% off all sizes of Rich Chocolate! The statistics change daily but, on the whole, Rich Chocolate accounts for 35-40% of everything we sell. It has a great flavor that I have yet to get tired of. I did Rich Chocolate for 2 weeks straight not too long ago. It’s good stuff.

This Thursday we will be revealing our “Black Friday” sale – that’s a bit of a mis-nomer since it’s going to be running Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday. Guess I should just call it “After Thanksgiving Sale”. What’s going to be on sale? I’m not saying yet =) Well, Rich Chocolate will be on sale up through Monday morning, so you know that much for now.

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Flavor of the week: Snickerdoodle 20% off

My Wife declared that we’re calling the flavor that’s on sale the “Flavor of the week” – don’t even think of arguing with her on that because it’s boot season now and she’s wearing her boots!

Anyhow, the flavor of the week is Snickerdoodle. All sizes are 20% off until next Monday.

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Finalized nutrition and ingredients for Keto Chow 2.0 (which might be here before the New Year)

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Previously I reported finalizing the ingredients for Keto Chow 2.0… and then I decided to add potassium. Well, now it’s not only finalized for reals this time, I have the nutrition information available. Head on over to and you can get a glimpse into the future!

The impetus for doing this now was needing the labels for the Keto Chow 2.0 packaging. I’m hoping I’ll have that over at the printer early next week.

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Keto, gamers, cheat codes, Keto Chow.

Used to be GamerGamers are a perfect fit for keto, and in particular: Keto Chow. They’re often playing for hours on end, eating junk, no time for cooking and need to get healthy. Well, keto is (in my view) the cheat code for losing weight. You’re cutting out sugar from your diet and completely switching around what your body uses for fuel (“burn fat, not sugar!”). If you’re familiar with Soylent, well Keto Chow is like that but specifically designed for losing weight via “nutritional ketosis”.

I consider myself a gamer… or at least I used to be back when I had more time and less kids. I still think Unreal Tournament 2004 is my favorite of all time, though Overwatch is pretty awesome. Keto has worked wonders for me (and others), brought me back from the brink of metabolic syndrome and eventual T2 diabetes. Rosa Labs (makers of Soylent) have been targeting gamers lately, I think Keto Chow is a better product, tastes better, and will lead to lasting health (and weight loss) that is hugely beneficial for anyone needing a change.

So here’s my invitation to gamers: head over to and check it out (start with the sidebar =) and if you decide you want to give keto a shot, grab some Keto Chow; it removes a lot of the guess-work that makes doing keto challenging – especially in the beginning. You’re getting all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you need: quick and easy.

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“Sample all the Things!” now comes in a Keto Chow branded Blender Bottle

Update: we ran out of the black blender bottles and had to take them out of the bundle, we lowered the price $7 so for the same price you can order a blender bottle on the side.

We finally got the shipment of Keto Chow blender bottles – so all of the “Sample all the Things!” will be coming in the cool Keto Chow branded Blender Bottle. We won’t have enough of them to sell apart from the bundle until the beginning of January, unfortunately. So if you really, really want a Blender Bottle that has the logo on it, you can (a) wait until January (b) Get a Sample all the Things, steal the cool bottle for yourself and give one of your old ones with the samples in it to a friend for Christmas =)


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