Let’s see how the progress towards Keto Chow 2.0 is going:

  • Found a place to make it.

  • Had a custom vitamin/mineral pre-mix manufactured.

  • Found a protein powder I can get by the truckload.

  • Found suitable flavors.

  • Figured out how to get Chocolate Peanut Butter manufactured.

  • Got pricing for contract manufacturing.

  • Created artwork for sample packages.

  • Ordered Sample packaging.

  • Received vitamin/mineral pre-mix.

  • Delivered Pre-mix to contract manufacturer.

  • Created artwork for week bulk bags.

  • Got pricing for printed bulk bags.

  • Ordered bags for week packages.

  • Waited a couple weeks for manufacturing.

  • Received the finished Keto Chow 2.0

Today I delivered the vitamin pre-mix to the contract manufacturer. People asked why I bought a F-350, precisely for this: we were able to load a 1500lb pallet full of stuff into the back and drive it down. Easy-peasy.

I also picked up the (hopefully) formulation of coloring (had to make banana yellow and strawberry pink!). Very few steps remain for me to do before full-scale production begins. Best-case scenario: we could have it mid-December.