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Interesting geographic breakdown of shipments

We use ShipStation to manage our shipment. It works exceedingly well and helps us get orders out with a lot a good information going automatically to customers. It also compiles statistics about the orders that we’re shipping. We can see cool trends, customer breakdowns and even how quickly we ship (18% the same day, 62% the day after ordering, 10% 2 days later – mostly because of weekends). There’s a map view that shows how many orders we shipped to a particular US state. No surprise that California is #1, but it’s interesting that in the last 30 days (which includes half of the black Friday mayhem) we didn’t ship any to North Dakota, West Virginia, Vermont or Rhode Island.

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New Year Resolution sale Dec 26-Jan 2: Days reduced to $10, Snickerdoodle weeks 20% off

It’s the week after Christmas, that means a bunch of people are going to be looking at ways to make their New Years resolutions a success. Losing weight is the #1 resolution but it’s one of the harder ones to achieve, unless you have a way to “cheat” – which is what I consider Keto to be =). Changing over to keto is the only thing I’ve ever tried in my life that has had such a significant and lasting effect on my weight and health. For those of us that don’t handle sugar well or are diabetic – eliminating sugars in our diet is the sure-fire way to succeed. How can you tell if you don’t handle sugar properly? I tell people I’m allergic to sugar & when they ask what it does to me I say “simple: it makes me fat.” If you weigh more than you (or your doctor) would like, chances are you have insulin intolerance or metabolic syndrome – Keto will help with both of those. Keto is awesome, but often times, doing nutritional ketosis can be difficult – which is why I make Keto Chow: to make keto simple and attainable. Figuring out what you can and can’t eat, getting proper electrolytes, and more become simple and effortless with an Engineered Staple like Keto Chow.

So, If you’re thinking of trying keto, let me make it simple: I’m putting all the different flavors of our “Day” (3 meal) packs on sale for $10 each. You can try all the flavors, see which ones you like and (hopefully) attain your goals! We’re also putting the 21 meal “week” package of Snickerdoodle on sale for 20% off. It’s yummy!

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New Fish Pills, Temporary change to Rich Chocolate & Peanut Butter

We finally got our custom packaged fish pills in! We were down to a single bag of the Costco ones so it was perfect timing. The new pills come in a Keto Chow labeled bottle and have better nutrition numbers for DHA and EPA Omega 3s. You can still buy fish pills from another source if you like but you’ll need at least 1300mg per day of omega 3s, most fish pills you find require 5 or 6 pills per day to reach that level, these ones are concentrated Omega 3 so you only need 2 per day.

We’re experiencing difficulties getting the Dymatize Elite Rich Chocolate right now. It’s a temporary problem and I expect that we’ll have the normal stuff soon (we’re just waiting on shipping thanks to the impending holidays). In the interim, we’re using Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey “Extreme Milk Chocolate”. It comes quite close to the same flavor but it is slightly different, tastes a little like the chocolate fudge we have – though not much. It’s a higher quality protein, and it’s significantly more expensive, but we’re going to leave the price of the Rich Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter the same. You’ll be able to tell if you got one of these packages by the 1.9.1 version number on the package.

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Flavor of the Week Dec 19-26: Cookies and Cream is 20% off (all sizes)

This week (Dec 19-26) we’re having a sale on Cookies and Cream, all of the different sizes are 20% off. A week is $64, a day is $10.87, and a sample is $4.80. Aside from Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies & Cream is my wife’s favorite flavor – which means we end up having it rather frequently =)

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Flavor of the Week: All sizes of Gourmet Vanilla are 15% off

This week we have a sale going on on Gourmet Vanilla. It’s not the fanciest flavor but it’s a crowd pleaser none the less. You can also mix in other flavors and you can even try adding in sugar free jello!

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Flavor of the Week: 15% off sale on all sizes of Strawberry

New week, new flavor on sale! This week it’s 15% off all the different sizes of Strawberry Blast. Of all the flavors I personally think strawberry has one of the more mellow flavors – lends its self to adding other flavors quite well.

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Might have a final timeline for Keto Chow 2.0

We’re now expecting Keto Chow 2.0 in the first half of January 2017. It’s a bit of a setback but we’re going to take advantage of it. We found out that the flavor manufacturer didn’t actually start production 2 weeks ago when we told them to. It’s going to be a solid 4 weeks before the flavor is available for manufacturing so we’re going to use the delay and get the fully printed bags instead of a label on a white bag. The final product is going to be pretty slick with both the large week bags and the individual meals in fully printed packaging.

In other news: There was a question about Mocha and whether it will have caffeine and/or actual coffee in it. Turns out it was just using coffee flavoring. Based on feedback I’ve gotten, we’re instead going to use instant coffee powder + caffeine. Whether it’s good or not I don’t know – personally, I can’t get over how much coffee smells like burnt toast (I also think cucumbers smell like glass cleaner). Anyhow, the manufacturer refers to the new one as “Mocha (stim)” so I guess you junkies will be able to get your coffee fix =).

Finally, we might have a solution for the Chocolate Peanut Butter samples. It’s still tentative but we may have a place that can package them.


Here’s what the printed week bags will look like:

For comparison, here are the “sample” individual meals:

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