It’s the week after Christmas, that means a bunch of people are going to be looking at ways to make their New Years resolutions a success. Losing weight is the #1 resolution but it’s one of the harder ones to achieve, unless you have a way to “cheat” – which is what I consider Keto to be =). Changing over to keto is the only thing I’ve ever tried in my life that has had such a significant and lasting effect on my weight and health. For those of us that don’t handle sugar well or are diabetic – eliminating sugars in our diet is the sure-fire way to succeed. How can you tell if you don’t handle sugar properly? I tell people I’m allergic to sugar & when they ask what it does to me I say “simple: it makes me fat.” If you weigh more than you (or your doctor) would like, chances are you have insulin intolerance or metabolic syndrome – Keto will help with both of those. Keto is awesome, but often times, doing nutritional ketosis can be difficult – which is why I make Keto Chow: to make keto simple and attainable. Figuring out what you can and can’t eat, getting proper electrolytes, and more become simple and effortless with an Engineered Staple like Keto Chow.

So, If you’re thinking of trying keto, let me make it simple: I’m putting all the different flavors of our “Day” (3 meal) packs on sale for $10 each. You can try all the flavors, see which ones you like and (hopefully) attain your goals! We’re also putting the 21 meal “week” package of Snickerdoodle on sale for 20% off. It’s yummy!