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Keto Chow 2.0 Base Powder – some info

I figured I should put together a post with some details and info about 2.0 Base Powder. First, let’s talk about what the Base Powder is:

  • The Base Powder is all of the “esoteric” ingredients in Keto Chow, everything except for protein, flavor, and sweetener. Often these ingredients can be difficult or impossible to locate, especially outside the United States.
  • You take 14g of the Base Powder and add your choice of protein to make Keto Chow.

Ok, so why would you use the Base Powder instead of getting the full mix?

  • The #1 ingredient in Keto Chow is the protein powder. It takes up more volume and weighs more than any other ingredient. Eliminate the protein and suddenly you can fit 5x as many “weeks” in the same shipping package. For international shipping, this is a huge deal. You’d find some protein locally and not have to pay shipping for that.
  • If you don’t like one of the components of the sweetener, protein, or flavor in the full mix; the Base Powder allows you to use whichever protein powder with whatever sweetener you like. Want unflavored protein? Less sweetener? No Sweetener? Just Stevia? Something besides whey protein? The Base Powder is a likely solution for you.
  • Going back to the previous point, I get a lot of varied requests for customized Keto Chow – almost all of them can be covered with the Base Powder. It’s super flexible and allows me to keep my product line simple.

Now, with Keto Chow 1.9 I had two different sizes of Base Powder:

  • 21 meals in the same size bag we use for the 3 meal “day” package, the “Week” size.
  • 122 meals in a far larger bag, the “for 10lbs” size. It’s enough to mix with 10lbs of Dymatize Elite to make 5.82051 weeks of Keto Chow – this is the size we use when doing the mixing of Keto Chow 1.9

With Keto Chow 2.0 being made on an industrial scale, having the larger size wasn’t a good idea – it would add one more product I would need to order and keep in stock and they cost a lot, a single damaged package was insanely expensive to replace, eliminating the larger size was a no-brainer. The problem with that is I didn’t want to eliminate the discount people were getting by going with the larger package. The larger package was effectively $42.95 per 21 meals, so I priced the Keto Chow 2.0 Base Powder’s 21 meals at $42.00. Yes, the bigger bag is gone but the new small bag is less expensive.

Now, the Base Powder isn’t for everyone – if you use it you should be prepared to do a fair amount of math to determine how much protein powder you should use since most protein powders vary on their nutrient profiles. If in doubt, use Cron-o-meter. The Base Powder is in the Cron-o-meter database already, then you’d just add your protein powder to a “recipe” (along with how much heavy cream you’re using) and you’re good to go. The regular full mix is easier to use, especially for new users, but if you have the desire to customize a bit, you can check out the Base Powder

A note about the 2.0 vs. 1.9 Base Powder, and I’m surprised nobody asked about this yet: The Base Powder for 1.9 and 2.0 are nearly identical, I’m even using the same UPC barcode! So, if you have some 1.9 Base Powder, don’t get worked up that you don’t have the “latest” version. Now the question arises: why did I keep 2.0 Base Powder nearly identical? With 1.9 I was adding off-the-shelf protein powder that usually comes with additional thickening agents, flavor, and other ingredients. With the full mix of 2.0, I’m using my own flavorings, protein, and sucralose so I needed some additional “stuff” (potassium and xanthan gum to be specific). For people using the Base Powder with their own protein powder, the experience is going to be identical to 1.9 so I kept the formulation the same. If I used the real base powder from 2.0, it would mix up too thick with most protein powders.

You can buy 2.0 Base Powder here.

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Chocolate Keto Chow 2.0 now available! 2.0 Base Powder also available.

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OK, it’s on! We got 1 pallet of Chocolate today and 3 more are coming tomorrow, that should last quite a while =) We took pictures and tested out how they fit into our existing boxes, we were quite happy to find that they fit the same as 1.9 so we don’t have to do crazy junk with the shipping methods and costs.

So, if you want to grab a bag of Chocolate 2.0 – it’s available for order!

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“How to Prepare Keto Chow” instructions updated for 2.0

It looks like it’s really going to happen. In another hour or two I should be getting the Chocolate Keto Chow 2.0! I’ve been meaning to update the preparation instructions page for quite some time but haven’t had the time to do it. Well, right now I’m sitting around waiting for a truck so I thought I’d get that done. The “How to Prepare Keto Chow” page now has 2 options: 2.0 and 1.5/1.9. The 1.9 instructions are a copy of the old preparation instructions page, the 2.0 instructions are similar but differ slightly:

  • Has a different Calorie Calculator – this one if for 2.0 and reflects the lower net carbs.
  • Use of a scale is still recommended for accuracy but 2.0 comes with a scoop you can use instead.
  • I cleaned up some other formatting and added a table with the serving sizes as each flavor is slightly different.

I’m also adding the labeling for 2.0 to various pages on the site.

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Keto Chow 2.0 Quick Update – Chocolate Week Bags should be here today

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Sometime a few hours after noon today we should be getting our first round of 2.0 – They’ll only have the Chocolate and only in the 21 meal “week” size (no samples yet). I actually like 2.0 Chocolate better than 1.9 Rich Chocolate – the best way I can describe how it tastes is that it reminds me of chocolate pudding so far as the flavor goes, I like it WAY better than Chocolate Fudge 1.9.

I’ll be taking photos for the shopping cart and checking how well the bags fit into the shipping boxes we have – Hopefully they are similar to how 1.9 fits so we won’t have to drastically change our shipping calculations and boxes. Provided it does show up before 4, I’m hoping to have it available for order on the site later this evening.

Why am I not putting it up on the site for order until I actually have it? A couple of reasons: like I said earlier, I’m uncertain of how big the final product will be, they may have more air in the bag and take up more space, we may be able to fit fewer bags in a given box. Secondly, We’ve had enough delays I’m not wanting to have them up for ordering until we actually have them, simple as that. Anyhow, hopefully, you’ll see an announcement that they’re available in about 10 hours =)

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Flavor of the Week April 24-April 30: 15% off sale on all sizes of Rich Chocolate 1.9

Oddly enough, the flavor we have the most inventory of this week is Rich Chocolate – so that’s the flavor of the week! We’re running 15% off all the different sizes of Rich Chocolate 1.9. I say “oddly” since we recently had issues keeping it in stock and hadn’t run a sale on it for several months. Anyhow, it’s the most popular flavor so go for it!

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Keto Chow featured in ShipStation Success Stories

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I keep telling my kids that I’m “Internet Famous” but they don’t believe me =) Shipstation posted our User Success Story a few minutes ago.


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Keto Chow 2.0 not ready for today =( Should have Chocolate by Thursday

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Well, guess this is what happens when you have a vacation scheduled 6 months ago and don’t hound the manufacturer day and night while you’re on a rented boat in the middle of a national park with no cell signal – I just talked to the place that’s doing the production of Keto Chow 2.0 and they apparently had a bunch of problems with their machines last week and did not get started on packaging until today. They’re going to be doing Chocolate first and are promising to have some up to me by Thursday. Sad news =( Hopefully this will be the last hiccup on this journey.

Update: They ran into some additional problems and have to make some adjustments to avoid clumping – it’s now looking more like we will get it on Monday the 24th.

The one bit of good news is they finally have a solution for Chocolate Peanut Butter samples – I still won’t have those in the first round but I’m already working on the second one and Chocolate Peanut Butter samples will be part of it.

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Flavor of the Week April 17-April 23: 20% off sale on all sizes of Chocolate Fudge 1.9

This week we have Chocolate Fudge 1.9 on sale – 20% off all sizes. Chocolate Fudge has a slightly different flavor compared to Rich Chocolate – it’s more of a cocoa flavor which gives it a taste similar to chocolate brownies (whereas Rich Chocolate is closer to milk chocolate).

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Flavor of the Week April 10-April 16: 15% off sale on all sizes of Strawberry 1.9

This week we looked at the shelves, counted how many we had of each flavor on-hand and determined the flavor of the week would be Strawberry Blast 1.9. Yes, the only missing element was Punxsutawney Phil telling us how much more winter to expect.

Strawberry has a very subtle flavor, it’s definitely strawberry but many want some more strawberry flavor – if that’s the case with you here are some tips: Try mixing in a blender with 1 or 2 actual strawberries – it will raise your net carbs so make sure you budget for that, or you can grab some of the DaVinci or Torani sugar free syrups – a splash of strawberry amps up the taste like crazy.

Also, as a reminder: we’re not shipping orders today. You can still place orders but they won’t ship until tomorrow.

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