With 2.0 arriving (Vanilla is supposed to be coming this week) we’ve been winding down production of 1.9 and are using up the remainder of the Dymatize protein powder we bought. We’re also using up the remaining peanut flour we have on hand, last week our C. O. O. (my awesome wife!)  had all the remaining peanut flour made up into Chocolate Peanut Butter Keto Chow – she also decided that it should be the next flavor of the week. We have a rather substantial inventory of Chocolate Peanut Butter v1.9 weeks but I do have to warn you:

*While Supplies Last

We aren’t planning on mixing additional peanut butter in v1.9. We’re going to keep a close watch on the inventory level and keep it updated on the site, if you can still order the flavor, then it’s still on sale!

For anybody that hasn’t tried Chocolate Peanut Butter: it’s, by far, my favorite flavor. I drink it more than half of the time. I do have some people that don’t like it but they’re the outliers =)