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Flavor of the Week July 31-August 6: 10% off sale on Chocolate Peanut Butter 2.0.1

Pop quiz: Anybody know what my favorite flavor of Keto Chow is? Here’s a hint. This week we’re going to take advantage of the massive amount of Chocolate Peanut Butter we got last week and we’re running a sale! For the next week, you can get 10% off the 21 meal “week” size of Chocolate Peanut Butter 2.0.1. I mixed up 6 PB meals last night, in fact. But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the reviews of 2.0 Chocolate Peanut Butter!

Speaking of reviews, you should check out our reviews on Google, and the reviews of Keto Chow. Here’s a “taste”:

All of these flavors are wonderful. Not too sweet or heavy- good enough to drink 2-3 times a day without getting sick of it. Started using the shakes as meal replacements 2-3 times a day and have noticed a great difference in my health. Inflammation I didn’t even realize I had is gone. My stomach used to always hurt because I have so many food allergies. Gone. I love how Keto Chow makes me feel! Thanks!

Here’s another, should be noted that I publish all of the reviews that come in – bad or good – as they are, typos intact. The only ones I remove are spam posts from people wanting you to buy pills to “enhance performance” and such:

I am orettt hesitant to jump on the band wagon when it comes to health and nutrition supplements. Especially when the reviews are coming from Facebook. Luckily I jumped on to reddit and found the same great reviews. So I gave it a try. The shipping was blazing fast and I followed the recipe on the back since I’m using it as a supplement to my diet instead of a complete meal replacement. I also added a handful of ice and blended it in my single portion blender cup. It was amazing. Even straight from the blender. I am definitely hooked and will be buying more flavors. The strawberry is nice and thick, I used heavy whipping cream a little less than 1/2 cup and it came out deliciously creamy. I’ve been telling everyone that it tastes like a salty version of strawberry nesquik. You know, how you’d sneak a extra spoonful or 2 into your milk when you mom wasn’t looking. It’s a very satisfying fake strawberry flavor. Thank you guys for this product. I’m very happy with it!


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Fun Videos – Coconut Oil will (not) kill you & Low Fat food will make you fat

First we have JP telling us how the American Heart Association has to be right about Coconut Oil killing you

And then we have Adam ruining low fat food

Weird thing is: Adam uses a lot of references from Taubes and Teicholz about sugar being bad but fails to follow through on what you should eat. If you watch the entire episode the clip above comes from the nutrition advice they do give is more of the same “eat less, move more” – guess they decided telling people fat is good was a bit too much.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Keto Chow is back in stock!

Our “supplier” happened to be in the area today so they brought a single pallet of Chocolate Peanut Butter week packages today! It’s not even close to the full order (that’s coming tomorrow or Friday) but it’s enough for you all to get some – so go get it!

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Quick note on Chocolate Peanut Butter availability

Our stock of Chocolate Peanut Butter Keto Chow 2.0 ran out over the weekend but we are getting more in later this week. We may get it as early as Wednesday though it’s now looking more likely to be either Thursday or Friday (July 27 or 28). We’re also getting quite low on Chocolate 2.0 and may run out of that just before we get more, which should be sometime next week.

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Flavor of the Week July 24-July 30: 10% off sale on Strawberry 2.0

Late last week we received a shipment of Strawberry 2.0 – enough that I think we have enough to do our first sale on 2.0! We’re running a 10% off sale on the 21 meal “week” package (because we don’t have the samples… still) – normally the price is $64.00, with the 10% discount it’s $57.60 – you won’t see it as a separate “discount” in the cart, the price will be lower from the outset.

As far as the Strawberry 2.0 flavor goes, it’s a marked improvement over 1.x. Strawberry Blast 1.x wasn’t really one of my favorite flavors, the consensus was that the flavor wasn’t strong enough – and I agreed. It was an OK base for adding in other flavors but needed more strawberry flavor. With control over flavoring with 2.0 I was able to amp up the strawberry, now it’s similar to the taste of Strawberry Quik (and the additional coloring makes it even look right instead of a pale pink). But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the reviews of 2.0 Strawberry!

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Ketofest was a blast

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We returned from Ketofest yesterday morning, very early yesterday morning, from Connecticut by way of New York City. There were the usual multiple hour delays, both coming and going – at least my traveling companion was enjoyable to be with =). We attended Ketofest just as regular people, rather than trying to be a vendor – which was a good thing as it let us learn from others. That said, it was impossible to miss us: the Keto Chow t-shirts were a bit obvious

The “Keto Food Pyramid” was something I put together a few months ago, planning to put it on the back of a shirt – but the project kinda died with all the problems we had with Keto Chow 2.0 production. Last week I decided it would be a good idea to have them for Ketofest, so I ordered 6 (3 for each of us) from Vistaprint and had them before the end of the week; though at $18 each (delivered) they’re not really viable for selling – we are working on having a couple hundred made with on a dark gray shirt instead of white. We got a lot of compliments on the pyramid and the shirts, it was a good conversation starter though I’m not sure how many people noticed that the base of the pyramid was Keto Chow =)

We did bring a bunch of chocolate Keto Chow samples – they were handy to have when we talked to people about what we do: “here’s my business card, and here’s a sample of Keto Chow – you mix it with heavy cream and it makes a complete meal.”


Anyhow – Ketofest. Friday we flew from Salt Lake to JFK (2 hour delay) and then drove to New London, CT. New London was right in the middle between New York and Boston, there were more flight at better times at JFK so we went with that. Fun fact about New London: even on a Friday night, EVERYTHING shuts down at 10 PM – this was a problem because we planned on grabbing some heavy cream on the way. Turns out there was a 24 hour Super Walmart just outside New London but we didn’t find that until Saturday morning. I mixed up some Keto Chow with water, stuck it in the fridge and we went to sleep. Next morning we grabbed some heavy cream, added it to the previously mixed Keto Chow and headed off to Ketofest.

There were some issues with the registration bags (they were sorted by first name – oops!) but we got to meet a bunch of great people and it was surreal having everyone around already know what keto is!


Ketofest consisted of 2 days: “Social Saturday” and “Science Sunday”. The majority of Saturday was cooking classes, eating fatty meat (a 250lb pig brought in and roasted by a local pig farm – I can imagine Carl calling the place: “yeah we want the fattest pig you have and when it’s cut up we want ALL the fat left on it, can you bring extra fat?”), and hanging out.

The cooking classes were in a “Maker Space” where you have a commercial kitchen, a wood shop, 3d printers, laser cutters and more (I would have LIVED in a place like that as a kid), it was REALLY hot in there until I plugged in the big fan and got a cross-breeze going. Richard was helping Brenda make her famous pork rind waffles:

We hadn’t signed up to taste the waffles and it was standing room only, but I’ve made them myself so no big loss. They did have left over Smoked Salmon Asparagus Frittata that we got to try (my wife made more last night for dinner!). Fiorella’s Polenta Poppers were good enough that my wife made those last night for dinner too. We left before Richard started his “Pulled Beef 6-ways” where he was doing a speed-run of 6 different uses of frozen pulled beef:

We headed off to the plaza to eat some roast pig

While there we bought some keto bagels and then it was back to the cooking classes, they had some left over beef that was really good, and then we watched how to make some lemon cake (which was fantastic):

Following that, we went on a Segway tour of New London, ate at Hot Rod’s (Cajun dry rub wings for me, prime rib for my wife and a pint jar of bacon for an appetizer). Then it was time for the movie at the Garde Theater:

Ivor Cummings had secured permission for us to watch “The Widowmaker” – he’s been helping David Bobbett (the guy who funded the movie) get the word out. Powerful movie. After the movie I was walking behind a bunch of people who were talking about the science behind the coronary calcification test, they joined up with a bunch of people in the lobby talking science. I saw Dave Feldman so I went to say “Hi” but I didn’t want to interrupt the conversation. I’m glad I didn’t, I was standing in a circle comprised of a veritable cornucopia of doctors, scientists, and nutrition geeks – some of the biggest names in LCHF: Ivor Cummings, Jeffry Gerber, Dave Feldman, and some others that I don’t have the face matched up to the name =)

I’m actually a bit sad that I didn’t record the conversation. It’s the sort of thing that should have been a panel discussion with everyone on stage.

The next morning we headed back to the Garde to bask in science. We got to talk to Dave Feldman again, he even posed for a “Keto Chow Group Shot” with his own blender bottle of Keto Chow =)

The speakers were awesome, my wife got to meet Megan Ramos and I got to talk to her husband Angel (who was standing off to the side, eclipsed by the notoriety of Megan, but he’s doing some cool stuff in nutrition too!). There was some excellent food to be had and I would have loved to stay and see all the presentations but we had to drive back to New York and Google was saying it was a 2-3.5 hour drive (that’s a pretty large window!) ended up being about 2.75 – but don’t worry: the plane sat at the gate for an extra hour waiting for a fuel form!

I had 2 samples of Keto Chow left in my cargo pockets. The driver of the parking shuttle saw our Keto Chow shirts and asked us what that was about, said he was always having a hard time finding keto food he could eat that was easy and portable (ha, seriously?!). He got those last two samples =)

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Sale July 17-July 23: 30% off sale on all remaining Keto Chow 1.9*

We’re continuing last week’s sale on v1.9 – it’s all 30% off. We have a few “Samples” in various flavors, we also have the large “Base Powder” on sale – 30% off at $175 compared to the old price of $250.

*while supplies last – once we run out of the 1.9 it isn’t getting restocked.

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Flavor of the Week July 10-July 16: 30% off sale on all remaining Keto Chow 1.9*

The original reasoning for doing the “Flavor of the Week” sales was to move along flavors we had too many of. It’s done a good job of that =). Usually, the process for deciding what flavor to put on sale each week involves looking at the shelves and saying “Yep, we have too much Snickerdoodle, do that one!”. Right now we’re getting down to the last few packages of version 1.9 so we’re just going to put the entire v1.9 product line on sale – it’s all 30% off. We have a few “Samples” in various flavors, and Chocolate Fudge in the “Week” package. We also have the large “Base Powder” on sale – 30% off at $175 compared to the old price of $250.

*while supplies last – once we run out of the 1.9 it isn’t getting restocked.

I was asked if we’re going to be having a sale on v2.0 anytime soon. We’re actually a bit worried we’re going to run out of the v2.0 stuff (I’m looking at you: Salted Caramel!) before the next batch of 2.0 is made. That’s why I’m not running any advertising, or coupons or any promotion until we (1) get the freaking samples going, grrrr…. (2) have a massive inventory such that we are able to handle a spike in orders without running out of existing customer’s favorite flavors.

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Banana and Mocha arrived, ALL flavors are in stock (in the week bags)

Just got back from picking up Banana, Mocha, and Chocolate Keto Chow 2.0.1 – we were almost out of Chocolate so I’m super excited to be able to say: we have all of the flavors of Keto Chow in stock right now (in the 21 meal “week” bag). Strangely, this is actually the first time we’ve had all of the flavors available at the same time (thanks, vanilla =) – hence the “party” picture. Now I just need to figure out how to get the samples going and things will be awesome!

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Vanilla and Salted Caramel Keto Chow 2.0.1 now in stock

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Good news: Salted Caramel is back in stock and we finally have Vanilla available! Both are version 2.0.1 – I’ll get to the minor version bump in a bit.

Following the fun we had with Vanilla before, when we got today’s batch of Vanilla Keto Chow we pulled a bag from each lot and tested them to make sure the viscosity and flavor were correct – they passed! We did the same thing with the Salted Caramel (it’s standard procedure now). Anyhow, today was Vanilla and Caramel; tomorrow we are supposed to be replenishing Banana and Mocha with Chocolate coming Friday or Monday if all goes well. All are a smaller batch to tide us over until they can deliver the full order of 2.0.1.

Speaking of 2.0.1: It’s a relatively minor change, the only difference is a change in the amount of iron – previous versions of Keto Chow provided 100% of the RDI (18mg a day) if you did 3 meals of Keto Chow. This is the recommended amount for pre-menopausal women; but for post menopausal women, or for men, that amount is borderline high. 40mg a day is the short-term upper tolerable limit, but I didn’t want to be causing a slow build-up of iron in men (especially in myself =) if Keto Chow was used exclusively for all meals over months. The downside to this change is that many women will need to supplement their iron using something like this, this, or this in order to prevent anemia if they use Keto Chow exclusively for all their meals. An occasional meal with red meat will also work (and let’s be honest, you could really go for a rib-eye right now – amiright?). The new packaging notes this change, also the packaging is actually accurate now – no more “label correction” sticker!

If you are curious, you can read the entire Keto Chow changelog/version notes – going back to the very beginning with version 0.7 =)