Late last week we received a shipment of Strawberry 2.0 – enough that I think we have enough to do our first sale on 2.0! We’re running a 10% off sale on the 21 meal “week” package (because we don’t have the samples… still) – normally the price is $64.00, with the 10% discount it’s $57.60 – you won’t see it as a separate “discount” in the cart, the price will be lower from the outset.

As far as the Strawberry 2.0 flavor goes, it’s a marked improvement over 1.x. Strawberry Blast 1.x wasn’t really one of my favorite flavors, the consensus was that the flavor wasn’t strong enough – and I agreed. It was an OK base for adding in other flavors but needed more strawberry flavor. With control over flavoring with 2.0 I was able to amp up the strawberry, now it’s similar to the taste of Strawberry Quik (and the additional coloring makes it even look right instead of a pale pink). But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the reviews of 2.0 Strawberry!