We’re currently out of Salted Caramel in the large 21 meal bags, we are also out of stock on the Sample all the Things! bundles we have been making until we get the individual meals/sample ready, because we only had the mass-produced individual meals/samples for Keto Chow 2.0 available in the Chocolate flavor.

I just talked to the new company we’re using to package the individual meals. They’re currently about half way through the flavors and are hoping to have the rest done early next week. If all goes well, we might have “for realsies” samples available sometime Tuesday evening (don’t hold your breath though). Regardless, next week we should have individual samples ready for sale, both in the bundle and individually!

UPDATE: As for the Salted Caramel weeks, that mixed Friday afternoon, is being packaged, and is scheduled for delivery on Thursday, August 17.

It’s fitting that right as we sold out of the final 22 samples of Chocolate Fudge 1.9, we also got word that 2.0 will soon finally be complete!