Quick Reminder to start things off: Monday, September 4 is Labor Daybor Day. The Post office will be closed as so will we. Regular shipments will resume on Tuesday, September 5.

I realize we did Vanilla just a few weeks ago but it’s what we have the most of right now! For the next week, you can get 10% off the 21 meal “week” size of Vanilla 2.0.1. Check out the reviews of 2.0 Vanilla!

Speaking of reviews, you should check out our store reviews on Google, and the reviews of Keto Chow. Here’s a “taste”:

Eating Keto is challenging when you are not a big fan of eggs for breakfast everyday. NO OTHER shake has provided the satiety, taste and nutrition of Keto Chow. I love the chocolate; it keeps me full until my lunch break. (I work in a job where there are no breaks between breakfast at 6am and lunch at 12 noon) I love being able to easily tailor the macros/calories/fat for my specific needs. I set 1 of my 2 shaker jars on the counter after breakfast to remind me to mix up my Keto Chow after supper for the next day. Quick, easy, filling and delicious. This is a great product; so glad I found it!

Here’s another, should be noted that I publish all of the reviews that come in – bad or good – as they are, typos intact. The only ones I remove are spam posts from people wanting you to buy pills to “enhance performance” and such:

Easy to mix with a blender bottle. I love that I don’t need to worry about nutrition or supplements when I use Keto Chow. I feel much better about the Keto diet while using this to supplement one meal a day. Although, it tastes so good I could use it for all meals. But, I like to eat and it is partially a social thing.