OK, I got the blood test results for my final week back – you can see all 5 results on this spreadsheet. I haven’t done a thorough write-up on the results of the experiment yet because I have indeed convinced Dave Feldman to give me his thoughts. The short version is: my week 3 results (pure avocado oil, spiked my triglycerides, tanked glucose, etc…) got Dave pretty excited. Something about hypothesis validation or other =) He asked me if I was willing to go back and try it again. For Dave? Absolutely.

So, I took a week off experimenting and I’m going to start it right back up again: this time I’m going to do a week of Keto Chow only with 1/2 of the fat from avocado oil and half from heavy cream – the idea is to see if I hit a half-way point relative to the lunacy of my 3rd week results. Then I’ll get a blood test, do it for another week, and another blood test.

Meanwhile, Dave has promised to analyze my results. It may be a week or more as he’s busy with family and I don’t want to call down the wrath of his wife upon me =)