I was using the website “Live Chat” to talk to a guy that uses Keto Chow, turns out he does a podcast, not one that has anything to do with Keto or nutrition but, well I’ll just quote from his subreddit:

The C-Realm community concerns itself with such topics as peak oil and resource depletion, the manufacture of consent and worldview management by the corporate media, social transformation, accelerating technological development, and the varieties of psychedelic or entheogenic experience.

The podcast I was on was one of his “Members Only” Vault podcasts. After a month or so he posts them to the Internet Archive which is where you can find the interview I did. Added win that he found a screenshot from Futurama of “Batchelor Chow” which is where the “chow” in Keto Chow comes from. Anyhow, check out the podcast.


In other news, I added a “Keto Chow in the Media” page where I can link podcasts like this, news stories, and the like. You’ll find my recent press release about the 4 week experiment there too.