In the past, we’ve had the option of paying for Keto Chow using Bitcoin (BTC) – it’s a pretty manual process where I need to send a payment request via email. Ideally, the shopping cart would have a QR code on the checkout page but the service I was using kept losing payments and was terribly buggy. Yesterday I had a customer ask if we support other cryptocurrencies. We didn’t, but we do now. Here are all the ones we support:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Etherium (ETH)
  • Litecon (LTC)
  • Dash (DSH)

The payment process will stay the same: if you select that payment method you’ll need to message me for the wallet info, I’ll send it over with a QR code you can scan. Once the payment confirms, I’ll change the order status and we’ll ship out your order ASAP (which is typically the next business day unless you do it early in the morning).