Cookies and Cream was the very first flavor we got as part of the latest round of Keto Chow 2.0 – the final round before I would be doing Keto Chow 2.1. All was well and good for quite a while but it proved to be more popular than I had anticipated and we sold out of that batch a few weeks ago. Originally there wasn’t going to be any additional Cookies and Cream until 2.1 came but that is likely to be in another 6-8 weeks at the earliest =( The place that we’re using to manufacture Keto Chow had a few hundred bags left over so we asked them to make some additional Cookies and Cream (along with any of the other flavors they could) and we received a delivery of the “emergency” product today.

I’m working as hard as possible to make sure that we don’t run out of stock on 2.0 before we can restock 2.1 – that’s the goal. Ideally, we will get 2.1 coming in with enough 2.0 remaining to put up as the “Flavor of the week” sale for a while =)

And to avoid getting inundated with the obvious question =) 2.1 changes a few ingredients (whey protein > milk protein, magnesium citrate > magnesium malate, selenium sulfate > selenium chelate) but the big change will be additional flavors. 10 new flavors, to be exact, though I still haven’t revealed what they are going to be =)