According to “The Plan® we should have gotten the flavors in a specific order with Natural Strawberry (monk fruit) and Root Beer Float coming right after Savory Chicken Soup. Instead, we got Raspberry Cheesecake and Orange Cream. Frankly, we’re just going to take them in whatever order they come, and I don’t have any reliable intelligence on what the next week bag flavor will be or when it will be coming (sorry).

I talked with the place that’s doing the packaging of the samples. They are going to be finishing up the project that is currently running around June 29 and will launch right into running our samples, likely the beginning of the next week (July 2) provided there aren’t any problems with the currently running project. They’re estimating 2 weeks to package all our samples, another 1-3 days to get them delivered and ready to go. That puts it with a likely availability either just before or just after KetoFest. My estimate for “July” appears to be accurate, if ambiguous (hey, at least it’s not July 2019!).

We did get the bags we’ll be putting the new sample bundles into today, so we’re that one step closer too.