Yesterday I did an Instagram Live video where I was prepping 20lbs of pork spare ribs that I’m going to have for the Utah Keto Meat-up this weekend. Near the end of the broadcast, my phone went wonky so the first 4/5 of the video did not get posted to my Instagram Story, nor to the KetoChow Facebook page. It was sad =(Anyhow, here’s the setup:

  • Bunch of ribs. Got them from Costco
  • Some seasoning, I was using “montreal steak” seasoning I got from Sams-Club in a giant shaker – doesn’t have any sugar and it has a lot of salt.
  • Bunch of gallon zip-loc bags. You can use a vacuum sealer but this works just fine too.
  • A Cooler – allows you to exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations for maximum volume of water. Means you can cook more meat at the same time and it is easier on the sous-vide too. It’ll need a 2 3/8 inch hole cut into the lid.
  • an Ikea rack
  • a Sous-vide – I’m using the old Bluetooth Anova because it works fine, the Monoprice one is a good choice too
  • This Ikea pot lid organizer works great to keep your stuff sorted.

I cut each slab of ribs in half and seasoned them, put them into the ziploc bags and then pushed them under water to get (most of) the air out), then those all went into the cooler of hot water where they are hanging out for 3 days. It’s very much like how I made Sous-Video Brisket.