For the next week, you can get 10% off the 21 meal “week” size of Orange Cream 2.1. Orange Cream reminds many of orange creamsicles, especially when mixed with heavy cream. Among other things, it’s also an excellent choice for making Keto Chow popsiclesCheck out the flavor reviews of 2.1 Orange Cream!

Normally I’d put in some reviews of Keto Chow here, but instead, I’ll announce Cyber Monday sale! Whether you’re stocking up your own supplies, getting something for that crazy person doing keto, or getting ready for your New Year resolution to lose weight – this sale is for you. In addition to the 10% off on Orange Cream, here’s what we got going on Cyber Monday, November 26:

  • free Keto Chow “food pyramid” T-shirt for orders over $100 (while size supplies last, we have limited numbers of the various sizes). Because there are different options (Color/Size/Etc…) you have to pick which one you want, it’ll look like this.
  • 5% off ALL 21 meal “week” bags of Keto Chow.
  • 10% off the large bottles of Fasting Drops (comes with an empty little bottle)
  • 20% off Keto Chow branded BlenderBottles.
  • “Free” USPS Shipping. You just need to enter the coupon code SHIP18. USPS Priority Mail (usually 2-day) shipping within the United States is free with a coupon. We aren’t doing expedited UPS Shipping, nor are we doing free international shipping; but you still get the same $18.00 discount on shipping: just add the coupon code. You can use the discount code more than once so feel free to get a bunch!
     There are 2 places to enter the coupon code, either on the shopping cart page, or on the checkout page. You HAVE to enter the code to get the discount.