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Went to the city offices for my first weigh in today. Got on the scale, it said I was down 9.0 lbs from last week, NICE! (that correlates to the 7.6 lb loss I’m showing on my own scale) The guy doing the weigh-in said: “wait, that’s not right…” Apparently, the lady who wrote down my weight last week messed up and wrote down the wrong weight. The guy was wondering how on earth I had GAINED 30 lbs in a week. I attribute it to the severed limb I had reattached (not actually) on Friday. Anyway, he fixed it.

We did our weekly Facebook LIVE yesterday, we weren’t even late! You should watch it. I’ll wait.

Just before I left work yesterday I was able to mix up a batch of the test Beef-based Savory Keto Chow so I could do some more flavor testing. This morning I have two different variants of the Tomato Basil Soup mixed up. I’m testing the flavoring concentration to see if we need more or less of the flavoring and/or the powdered tomato concentrate. Mixing it up this morning went really well. I cannot recommend ENOUGH how well it works to mix up hot Keto Chow in a HydroFlask, especially compared to how difficult it is in a Blender Bottle. I should probably do a video about that…

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