Welcome everyone to day 80 of my 100 day experiment/challenge! I’m now 4/5 of the way through and going strong! I’m going to be heading in for a blood test this morning. I’m doing them at a new location that’s in a hospital. I was WAY early last week but took 15 minutes to find the office, so I ended up on-time after all. I did get last week’s blood tests back yesterday and I’ve updated the spreadsheet: https://bit.ly/2HMIMUo

Yesterday evening I actually felt hungry for the first time in probably a month or longer. I think I was likely just thirsty. Often the signal for “you need to drink” comes through as “you should eat.” Still, it was interesting in that I hadn’t noticed the absence until it showed up suddenly. I’m wearing my Ketofest 2017 “coNfounder” t-shirt today, just wanted to remind everyone that the Kickstarter for Ketofest 2019 is going on right now – if you’re going to be around New England in July of 2019, you should really consider signing up. Last year was fantastic!


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