It’s our weekly Facebook LIVE video. Each week we answer questions, talk about stuff that’s going on, and more! We had an absolutely fantastic time on our Facebook live with our special guest Caitlyn of Cayt’s Meats and Meals

Here is the high-quality UHD4K recording straight from the camera:

Here is the original Facebook live recording, complete with the user comments

Keto Chow weekly Facebook LIVE

Our weekly live broadcast, this week we have Cayt's Meats and Meals as our special guest! * Welcome to Special guest Caitlyn! * Caitlyn wants to know what everyone's favorite things to cook on the grill or outside are * Caitlyn shares her bacon compound butter recipe * Caitlyn teaches how to smoke cheese * Chris is sad that he isn't eating smoked meat right now * 10 year old Caitlyn makes beef jerky under her bed * Women did the smoking since ancient times * Caitlyn shares her keto journey * Talking about the (not) necessity of eating vegetables * Chris explains why he isn't eating smoked meat, the 100 days of Keto Chow experimentCaitlyn teaches cooking classes in collaboration with Camp Chef, shares her philosophy on practical cooking * * Miriam asks: are you disappointed in restaurant steaks now? * Temperature, thermometers, and more. Cooking pork to 145 and what a "Reverse Sear" is. * Smoke your meat cold * Searing techniques * Seasonings and wood * Texas Crutch vs better bark, sauce vs no sauce * Online learning resources * Cooking Bacon on a pellet grill/smoker, talking about candied bacon. Cooking everything on a pellet grill. * Caitlyn talks about cutting a corned beef brisket in her bathrobe being her most popular video to date. * Tips on starting, don't get discouraged * Dates of Caitlyn's Utah classes * Keto Chow announcements: Pumpkin Spice is 20% off * Use your hand to gauge how done a steak is

Posted by Keto Chow on Tuesday, March 19, 2019