So, I’m officially done. Had my first meal after my 100-day experiment where I was eating ONLY Keto Chow for all of my meals every day. What was my first meal? Chocolate Mint Keto Chow with half a stick of butter. It’s delicious =)

Now comes the not-so-fun-but-important part: compiling all my data for the experiment. I did pull a bunch of graphs and reports out of Cron-O-Meter, Heads-up Health, Keto Mojo, LEVL, and I put on my Zozo Suit again this morning to get measurements. Let’s see what it said!

Starting Measurements

Ending Measurements

Here are all of the measurements I took plotted on a graph, you can see the raw values on the “Zozo Suit” Tab of this spreadsheet.

How about some of my other markers? This morning I weighed myself and was a little disappointed to find that I was 0.1 lbs short of hitting 200 lbs (again). I started this experiment at 244.016 lbs on January 2 and ended today (April 12) at 200.107 – meaning my total weight loss for the 100 days was 43.909 lbs or 19.91 kg. I averaged a 0.439 lb weight loss per day over the 100 days (it was 0.49 up until day 80).

Weight loss graph

So, where does all of this leave me now? I’m with Beverly: “I do plan to continue using butter as my preferred fat source in my shakes unless there is a reason to stop based upon the blood lab test results” For me, butter checks a lot of the boxes:

  • cheaper
  • easier to store
  • easier to transport
  • lots of fantastic saturated fats
  • short chain fats
  • tastes amazing
  • salted butter has more sodium
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