Just by way of reminder: The United States Post Office, as well as UPS and all major parcel carriers, will be closed on this coming Monday for Labor Day. Consequently, Keto Chow is also closed. That means that order placed after about 10 am on Friday (tomorrow, 24 hours from when I’m posting this) will not ship until Tuesday, September 3rd.

If an order comes in on Friday afternoon and it’s set to be shipped by UPS Next Day Air, it will not be delivered until Wednesday, September 4. I know I’ve been guilty of forgetting about weekends and holidays when I’ve placed orders online but I want to make sure that people are informed as possible.

The photo was taken by one of our “sample monkeys” (yes, that is their actual job title) halfway through preparing several hundred Starter Bundles, they thought it was cool, so do I =)