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Miriam and Chris Bair from Keto Chow sit down to briefly talk about what Keto Chow is. It’s a meal replacement shake mix that’s designed to make getting the right nutrients on a ketogenic diet easy. Unlike many “meal” shakes you may have tried int he past, Keto Chow is an actual meal that completely replaces 1/3 of your daily food and gives you exactly what you need. It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, electrolytes, and more; but you get to choose the amount and the kind of fat that you want to add. This part lets you customize Keto Chow to fit your specific needs. Whether you need 1200 calories a day and prefer heavy cream, or you’re needing 2500 calories a day and like butter or coconut oil for your fat; Keto Chow lets you customize it to your needs.

How To Chow - calorie Cheat-sheet

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