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Until October 13 you can get 10% off the 21 meal “week” size of the Raspberry Cheesecake Keto Chow. Normally, the Raspberry Cheesecake is $66 for 21 meals, this week it’s discounted down to $59.40 – that’s only $2.83 a meal! Check out the flavor reviews of Raspberry Cheesecake.

We sometimes get asked: “what can I do with Keto Chow besides make shakes?” The best place to start is our Keto Chow Recipes page, here are some of the recipes that use Raspberry Cheesecake Keto Chow:

You should check out the reviews of Keto Chow, we also get a lot of reviews on our Facebook page and on the Keto Chow subreddit. It should be noted that we publish all of the reviews that come in – bad or good – as they are, typos intact. The only ones we remove are spam posts from people wanting you to buy pills to “enhance performance” and such or reviews that divulge personal information. These are just a few of the over 100 real reviews we received in the last week

best tasting meal replacement/protein drink I have tasted

vanilla- ok
Chocolate-very good
Mocha- fanfreakingtastic
Strawberry- very mild, good
snickerdoodle- very good, giving away salted caramel, because I don’t like that in anything else either.

Fast shipping, easy to make, easy to drink.

Billie W.
Tastes Great

I bought this without a personal recommendation, only the reviews I read online. I was beyond surprised how good the flavors taste. I got the starter pack but then ordered a custom variety 20 pack and more blender bottles because I really enjoy the taste and wanted to try even more flavors.

Kelly R.
Love this product!

I was a little skeptical when I purchased this. However, I absolutely love this product! I’ve tried strawberry and chocolate so far and both were delicious. It takes me awhile to drink a whole one because it’s pretty thick, but if you let the product sit overnight like the packages suggest, it’s perfect. A thick and creamy milkshake like texture. I can’t wait to try my other flavors and will definitely be ordering more. It keeps my full and satisfied sweet cravings. Thumbs up.

Lindsey H.
Amazing, wonderful, tasty

These shakes curb my craving for sweets as well as make me feel full for hours! I crave the next one. Usually have 1 for breakfast a light snack and one for lunch then a keto friendly dinner. I have lost 8 pounds in a week but I also feel great and have energy! Would recommend to everyone!!😊🌟

Karie D.
Best tasting meal replacement

I love almost all of the flavors I have had so far!

Stacy S.
Absolutely DELICIOUS

I ordered the sample pack to try it out because I LOVED your ad— so creative..and the shakes are beyond YUM. So I ordered the full packs. I actually look forward to my shakes! They are scrumptious. Hard to believe they are KETO because they taste way too good! Thank you!

Martha P.

You guys are on the ball. First I want to say that when I ordered it was at my door 2 days later. Thank you Ketochow and USPS. I was expecting good things with all the great reviews and they didn’t fail. I have only tried the sweet flavors and so far I love every one. They keep me full and satiated. I also love the members of the Ketochow Facebook group!

Diana S.
Great flavor

I decided to try banana and also strawberry. They were both very good. I’ve been using butter rather than heavy cream and that’s made the drinks even better. I’m so happy I’ve found Keto Chow!

Kristofer K.
I actually love this product

I’m a sassy eater but wanted a meal substitute for when I need to get out the door fast.
I bought the multi pack and so far all the flavors are really tasty. I like the thick texture and slight saltiness. I will buy more, just have to decide on a flavor!

Courtney C.
Taste is amazing, keeps me feeling full

I’m still working my way through all the sample flavors but so far they are all amazing. I feel full longer in the day, so I’m not mid day snacking anymore. I’m also not craving sweets the way I use to, the shakes are sweet enough. I will definitely recommend these to my friends and suggest if your considering trying them, DO!

Trishanna R.
Awesome !!!

I bought these shakes and they are totally amazing !!! 😊I def look forward too having one everyday !!! They are my candy !!! Lol I have ordered again !!! You won’t be dissapointed !! Trust me !!! 😊😊😊

June S.
Keto wow

I’m hesitant about everything, but their product intrigued me mostly for convenience sake, I first ordered the sample pack & was hooked. I’ve since ordered the larger size bags, snickerdoodle & strawberry. I Love This! I’m thankful I tried this. It’s made doing keto a breeze.

Tammy B.