Get 20% off Natural Strawberry today!


Until Ground Hog Day (February 2) you can get 20% off the 21 meal “week” size of the Natural Strawberry Keto Chow. Normally, the Natural Strawberry is $70 for 21 meals, this week it’s discounted down to $56.00 – that’s only $2.66 a meal! Check out the flavor reviews of Natural Strawberry. Natural Strawberry differs from most of the sweet flavors of Keto Chow in that we use Monk Fruit (a “natural” sweetener) to sweeten it. It’s a way for us to gauge the actual market for Keto Chow using something besides 0.08g of pure sucralose as the sweetener. It doesn’t taste exactly the same as the sucralose-sweetened Keto Chow, but it gives those that can’t have, or don’t like the idea of, sucralose an opportunity to use a convenient and customizable complete meal replacement.

We sometimes get asked: “what can I do with Keto Chow besides make shakes?” The best place to start is our Keto Chow Recipes page, here are some of the recipes that can use Natural Strawberry Keto Chow:

You should check out the reviews of Keto Chow, we also get a lot of reviews on our Facebook page and on the Keto Chow subreddit. It should be noted that we publish all of the reviews that come in – bad or good – as they are, typos intact. The only ones we remove are spam posts from people wanting you to buy pills to “enhance performance” and such or reviews that divulge personal information. These are just a few of the over 100 real reviews we received in the last week

Not just Keto…best shake ever!

I usually hate shakes, but Keto Chow is SO good!!! I tried a bunch of flavors and loved them all, but I settled on Snickerdoodle. Seriously amazing. Thank you! You have made being on Keto so much easier.

Ryan W.
Keto Chow Savory Chicken Soup

I had this soup a couple days ago for luunch. It was cold out and I was in the mood for something warm. I had made baked chickens thighs the night before, so I add the meat from 1 small chicken thigh to the soup and used 4 tabkespoons of salted butter to make it.
It was as it says a warm savory creamy soup.
It was delicious.

Dee R.
Love it!

The bundles are a great way to try different flavors to learn which are your faves. They are all tasty, but anything with chocolate are the BEST! 😋

Irene L.
100% worth it

I tried a ketogenic diet for the first time in 2011, and lost nearly 100 pounds in that same year.

I’ve used keto as a weight management mechanism on-and-off since then, and I’ve had products shipped to me from all of the US in that time.

With every product I had tried, some were better than others, but… They were all very clearly diet foods. Strange aftertastes, weird textures, freaky behavior when cooked, etc.

This is what I have to say about Ketochow: I ordered a starter bundle, tried a single packet, and immediately ordered more. It’s that good.

Hunter H.
Good Introduction

This was a good introduction to Keto Chow. The blender bottle was high quality and worked well with the product. The product itself was quite tolerable and drinkable for a keto predominant product. The shake was very filling and made a great replacement meal. Some of the flavors, like Snickerdoodle, were a bit too sweet for me but the Chocolate and Mocha were right on in flavor. I have already ordered more.

Paula G.

So far every 21 Meal Bulk Pack in the sweet flavors I’ve purchased has been INCREDIBLE. Try the samples first to find out what you like for sure. The chocolate flavor is a hit, the vanilla blends perfectly with other flavorings, and the snickerdoodle is to die for. I’m feeling amazing and rarely ever hungry, these are the perfect meal replacement for my goals!

Alexandra S.
Absolutely Amazing 🙌❤️🙌

They were absolutely amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love the ones I’ve tasted so far they taste exactly like the flavours and even better!!! They keep you filled and satisfied and beautiful creamy consistency🥰I’m sooo glad I was able to get it shipped to Canada 🇨🇦!!! Thank you!!!❤️❤️❤️

Tania H.
It’s everything they say

This makes Keto so simple. They are great as meal replacement products. They also are life savers on lazy days when I haven’t meal prepped or shopped for groceries. I make a few at a time so there is usually one in the fridge at work and home. If I run out of time to make lunch, the work fridge has my back. When I get home late after a long day and convenience foods are calling my name, I head to the one in the fridge.
I am having fun combining flavors, like chocolate strawberry, to keep the romance alive! I’m looking forward to making chaffles with the tomato basil flavor later. This was my third or fourth bag and I am hooked. Thanks for asking for the review because I need to order some single savory packets and this was a great reminder!

Kelsey B.
Keto Chow Helps for Busy Lifestyle

I like the concepts of Keto Chow, however I have to honest and say don’t care for all the flavors. There are a couple that I like alot. A few that that are okay and some that I do not like at all. The sample bundles were a good idea to give a fair trail of the flavors available.
The Keto Chow because I work 10 snd 12 hour days from 2:00pm in the afternoon until 12:00 or 1:00 am. I awaken around 10:30 am and have coffee. I have a Keto Chow around 3:00pm and concider that lunch then I prepare a full fledged a high fat, low carb. dinner which I consume About 6:30 or 7:00pm. Keto Chow fills the gsp and keeps me from being hungry.
I try to have 15 or 16 hours of intermittent fasting.

Dee R.

Best meal replacement shake I have ever tried. It seems counter productive to add fat to a meal, but I have lost weight. Ordered 21-day pack of chocolate. It’s about $4 per meal, counting cost of fat. Sounds expensive, but I have spent a lot more one less healthy meals

Joy C.
Pleasantly Surprised

Being a skeptic, I took all the reviews with a grain of salt when it came to taste. But after trying the sample packs I was blown away. The taste of each was dead on. I personally don’t like Mocha or vanilla but my wife tried those and said the tastes we’re dead on. The only con I would have to say is that I wish I could have flavor options to ensure I liked all in the bundle. Despite that it was enough to have me order some more small packs individually to try out other flavors before I begin making larger purchases.

Michael S.
Love it!

We love Keto Chow. The shakes are very filling, and it is great to be able to have something sweet that doesn’t taste like fake sugar.

Christopher P.