The shopping cart has been having problems of late, you’ll select a flavor, try to add it to the cart, and you get an error. It sucks.

The problem is with the “theme” we are using for the cart – but the developer (who has been very nice and eager to be paid to fix problems) has suddenly decided that: nope, not his problem. So… today I’m switching themes.

That means that a lot of the store is going to be pretty janky for a few hours (or days) as I get all the functionality moved into the new theme. The result should be a lot cleaner and also will be more betterer for mobile users (which account for around 75% of the visitors to the site).

So – if the site looks weird and stuff isn’t where you think it should be: just wait for a bit, I should have it sorted out soon.

In the mean-time, did you know I added zip-up hoodies to the “shirts and gear” page? they’re REALLY nice, bought one myself and Keto Chow made a whole $0.07 on the transaction.