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Until April 6 you can get 10% off the 21 meal “week” size of the Orange Cream Keto Chow. Normally, the Orange Cream is $66 for 21 meals, this week it’s discounted down to $59.40 – that’s only $2.83 a meal! Check out the flavor reviews of Orange Cream.

We sometimes get asked: “what can I do with Keto Chow besides make shakes?” The best place to start is our Keto Chow Recipes page, here are some of the recipes that use Orange Cream Keto Chow:

You should check outย the reviews of Keto Chow, we also get a lot of reviews on our Facebook page and on the Keto Chow subreddit. It should be noted that we publish all of the reviews that come in – bad or good – as they are, typos intact. The only ones we remove are spam posts from people wanting you to buy pills to “enhance performance” and such or reviews that divulge personal information. These are just a few of the real reviews we received in the last week

Best ever!!!!

I have tried many shakes and I love the Keto Chow. It fills me up and gives me energy. The flavors are awesome! Chocolate and Salted Caramel….YUMMMMM

Susan W.
great stuff!

with Keto Chow it’s easy to stay on the Ketogenic diet. It takes me ten minutes to make 3 meals for the day with KC. I can make 4 days worth of meals in 30 minutes. These are highly customizable meals, I can choose the fat source and the amount of fat calories I use per serving and I can add additional flavor if I want. If you’re just starting on the Keto diet there is no better way than KetoChow to get you started. Fast service and great people!

Shannon G.
Tried Starter kit.

It came very quickly and I like all of the flavors (except vanilla). Salted caramel and chocolate are the most delicious! I love that you can prepare it the night before and it keeps/puts your body right in ketosis.

Soni C.
I Love KetoChow

The banana, chocolate and the snickerdoodle are my favorites! And I have been using keto chow for over a year about twice a day!
It has helped me lose 60+ pounds
Inform yourself about how keto works and youโ€™ll do great too.

Josh G.
Great Taste! Dissolves Perfect!

I ordered the Sample Bundle. Mixed 4oz Heavy Whipping Cream and 14 oz cold water. Shook bottle, and placed overnight in fridge. Replaced my lunch.
Great taste, dissolved perfect, filling, was very good. After trying several flavors, I have now ordered larger bags. Now I am going to try the Keto Chow challenge I saw on You Tube. I am hoping this is a good kick start for a Keto lifestyle.

Fantastic. No aftertaste, feel full, not hungry later.

Even the flavors I expected not to like are delicious. I haven’t had any trouble making them. Watch the videos, listen to people who have made it. No aftertaste, filling, clothes are getting looser, what’s not to love?!?

Robbie M.
Love it!! Tastes fabulous!!

Initially I Purchased the sample package. I really loved all the flavors. But the one I wanted to try most they donโ€™t put in samples which was the chocolate peanut butter. So I ordered the large packet of that and it arrived yesterday. It is fantastic. Taste delicious and makes me feel full. Kudos for a great product!!

Christie C.

Snickerdoodle is my fav of the few I ordered so far. Banana was ok. Today is orange cream.

I underestimated how full I would feel the first time I had it. I ate a snack with it because I’ve NEVER had a shake make me feel full. I’m always hungry after. Man, that snack was so unnecessary. I’ll be placing a bigger order once I try more of my sample flavors.

Melissa T.
Love Keto Chow in Mississippi

I love Keto Chow. So far I have loved every flavor I have tried. It’s very easy to make and convenient to use. Very rich and creamy. So far I have made it with heavy whipping cream. I like being able to control the amount of fat used. It keeps you full for several hours. Happy Mississippi girl.๐Ÿ˜€

Tammy W.
So good

I was worried about ordering something from an ad on Facebook, especially after one previous bad experience. Thankfully these shakes are delicious! Iโ€™ve already placed additional orders; itโ€™s surprisingly simple to prep 3 shakes in the evening for my meals the following day.

Nicole C.
Great stuff! I want to lick the cup!

This product is much much better than I ever thought it could be. The sweet shakes taste amazing and do not trigger my cravings. Very filling too. I am hooked!

Jennifer W.
Delicious and easy

Once I got the added fat of choice figured out, it was easy to get the shake made. It’s best to let chill for a few hours and it’s a nice thick drink, like a milkshake. Very filling and delicious! The Shaker is the best part, mixing everything and whipping it to the perfect consistency. Would love to see a variety pack with single serve pouches that way one is not stuck with a bag of one flavor, as variety is the spice of life.