Last week we did a contest on our Facebook page asking “If you could create a new Keto Chow flavor, what would it be?” Surprisingly, the #1 flavor suggested was Lemon – several months ago, we started the development of a new flavor of Keto Chow: Lemon Meringue. It finally arrived yesterday, we tested it to make sure it tastes right and now it’s available for all those people that wanted it! =) I’d like to say we’re just super awesome quick and responsive but this was a very happy coincidence that took months to put together.

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First things first: Lemon Meringue (I finally figured out how to spell it without needing to look it up!) is a LIMITED EDITION flavor. It is ONLY available in the individual sample size packet, and it’s a limited quantity. We will NOT be adding the Lemon Meringue to the sample bundles and it cannot be purchased in the bulk bags. When we run out of the limited edition, that’s the end of it.

Each packet of Lemon Meringue Keto Chow has a unique serial number on the back. Why? Mostly because the company that does our packaging has the capability to do it, we thought it was cool, so we did it. “Collect them all” I suppose =) The first delivery we received is a bit random in the numbering so you may get numbers from the end of the run instead of the beginning. We’ll have that sorted out with people getting the low numbers soon (in case that matters to you).

Lemon Meringue also gets the honor of being the first flavor to switch over to version 2.5.2 which brings with it the change to Real Salt. Real Salt tastes better than the regular salt we have been using in the past but costs a little more for us to use, we’re not charging any extra, you’re welcome! Real Salt is a tiny bit gritty, if you’ve used it in cooking you’ll notice that the added minerals mean you will occasionally get some stuff that doesn’t fully dissolve. This is normal but it should sink harmlessly to the bottom and you likely won’t even notice it.

Check out the 2KrazyKetos video where we made the announcement about Lemon Meringue (while I was posting this page! =)

Lemon Meringue sample packet