Good Day everyone!

18 months ago I started my keto journey. After being heavy my entire life and trying everything that was weight loss related nothing seemed to work. Something clicked on day when I looked in the mirror and saw my 320 pound body looking back at me crying for help. I felt like I was dying and need to make a change. I have heard so much about living a keto life style and decided to check it out and started doing some research on it and said this Is it. I found keto chow through a fellow co worker and figured it would be a good fit for me seeing my lifestyle sometime has my meal schedule not so normal. I have tried other shakes in the past and hated the flavor, texture and everything about them, but I thought what do I have to loose. I placed my first order. I was amazed at the flavor texture and taste, they were truly amazing. Easy to make and customized to fit your needs. I am a huge coffee house junking and the Frappuccino’s and lattes were my down fall. So I started experimenting with all the different flavors, using coffee, ice etc and fell in love. I drank one shake a day and had a dirty keto meal for dinner and was satisfied. Started seeing results in about two weeks. I wasn’t hungry and the sweet flavors satisfied my sweet tooth to a point. I love to back so to even further crave my sweet tooth I started experimenting with keto chow to flavor my muffins cakes etc. it works wonders.

Well long story short it’s been 18 months and I still do my one shake a day depending on my schedule maybe 2, but I always have a keto meal a day seeing I don’t believe in just a liquid diet by that is just me, everyone is different. The pictures are of me at 320 and one today still going stron at 145. Don’t every give up on your journey. If you are truly thinking about ordering keto chow just do it you won’t regret it. The founders and owners of the company are great and I can not thank Chris and Miriam enough for creating such a wonderful product and support system. I could have not done this without them.