The easy way to Keto

Keto Chow is more than a shake mix — it’s a complete meal! With 1/3 of your daily nutrients and only seconds of prep time, our customizable keto meal replacement shakes will keep you full and knock out cravings as fast you can say, “This is too fetchin’ good to be keto.”

healthy weight

When you are in ketosis, your body learns to burn its own fat stores (instead of carbs) and to respond more effectively to insulin—both of which help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.


Because your brain has a steadier source of energy on keto (no more wild fluctuations in glucose from all those carbs!), you may notice less brain fog and greater mental energy and clarity.


Your body’s inflammatory markers decrease when exposed to ketone bodies, which can lead to improved symptoms for conditions like psoriasis, joint pain, and even some GI issues like IBS.

Embrace your nutty side.

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