Hi, we’re Chris and Miriam. Welcome to Keto Chow! Yes, we have a lot of children, two sets of twins will do that. =)

Keto Chow started as a very, very, small business in 2015. Back then everything was done by Chris. Eventually, Miriam started helping to fulfill orders in the evenings. Now we have a growing number of family, friends, and neighbors that help ship orders, answer questions, and try to help people be successful on their keto journey.

Chris invented Keto Chow, mostly for his own use, as a way to make getting the right nutrients on a keto diet easy. It also had to taste good since it’s what Chris uses for the majority of his meals most of the time and ALL of his meals when he’s testing out new formulations or doing crazy n=1 science experiments on himself. We’re a bit proud that of all the keto “meal replacement” products, only Keto Chow has been used in a public experiment as the sole source of food of the creator of the product to prove it is, as claimed, nutritionally complete and viable as an actual MEAL replacement and not simply an occasional snack.

Chris before Keto vs Chris after Keto.

Chris before Keto vs Chris after Keto.

The fact that Keto Chow is designed to be able to be used for as many meals as you want, and is used for most of Chris’ meals, drives much of what Keto Chow is as a product and as a company. We only use the best ingredients we can find. We pay attention to the science. We LIVE keto. We also strive to treat our customers the same way we want to be treated when we buy stuff.


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