Chris on the FanPress podcast – the history of Keto Chow, DIY “soylent”, nutrition, and more

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This podcast was recorded a while ago (January 28, 2018 to be specific), took Steve a while to get it posted – probably because it went kinda REALLY long. I have to say: this is by far one of my favorite podcast interviews so far. Steve let me (over) indulge myself and give a rather complete history of Keto Chow and my journey thus far. It was also nice to be talking to someone who really likes what I’m doing. I just checked my email and I have one from him way back from May 2015! This one will be tough to beat. It goes on rather long at nearly an hour and a half but if you’re up for it, I recommend checking it out!

Results of 2.1 Taste Testing Extravaganza

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I put out a call for people nearby to come taste test Keto Chow 2.1 – SnowMason on Reddit asked what the results were so I thought I put together an update. There were a few things that needed fixing but most turned out fantastic.

  • Eggnog – nailed it.
  • Rootbeer float – nailed it.
  • Pumpkin Spice Caramel – Nailed it though one person thought it had too much pumpkin spice and not enough pumpkin.
  • Orange Cream – nailed it.
  • Salted Caramel – they used the rootbeer flavor by accident. It was pretty funny. I got another tester and that one was great.
  • Savory Chicken Soup – the riboflavin being used to color it yellow added a weird flavor. It’s now gone. Unfortunately, this means that drinking the savory chicken soup will no longer give you neon yellow urine =)
  • Snickerdoodle – nailed it.
  • Strawberry – tastes great but needs to be more pink, we’re adding more beet juice extract but the color fades after refrigerating overnight. We could add artificial color to keep it red but with the whole “Natural Strawberry” version using monk fruit that’s a no-go.
  • Raspberry Cheesecake – tasted good, there was a disagreement over whether the raspberry was overpowering the cheesecake or the other way, seems people have different tastes. Also uses the same coloring as the strawberry so it starts looking raspberry-ish but fades to a purple-gray. Still working on that.
  • Banana – tastes fantastic, more like a banana cream pie and actual bananas and less like banana laffy taffy
  • Cookies and cream – has more of a chocolate flavor, the 2.0 C&C (to me) tasted more like vanilla wafers.
  • Vanilla – has a more distinct vanilla, which is weird since it’s the same flavoring.
  • Chocolate Toffee – this was REALLY good, probably my favorite of the batch.
  • Chocolate Mint – needs more mint. We’ll see what we can get done before it’s time to roll into production.
  • Chocolate – needed a little more chocolate flavor to match 2.0, I should be driving down to grab another test batch either today or tomorrow morning to verify that it’s dialed in.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter – see above.
  • Mocha – they actually forgot to send a sample of this one for the testing, I’m suspecting it’ll need to have the chocolate component tweaked as well. I think coffee smells like burnt popcorn so I wouldn’t have tasted it anyway. I also think cucumbers and cantaloupe smell like ammonia.

I took them down to our manufacturing place when I got the salted caramel that wasn’t root beer and the other tweaked ones so they could try them too. For most, it was their first time trying the actual finished product. It’s always funny for me to see people try Keto Chow for the first time – “wow, that’s actually REALLY good!” is pretty much the universal response. It’s like they think I’m going to give them stuff that tastes bad =)

There was a little (like 1/8 a meal) of Rootbeer, Snickerdoodle, Orange, Eggnog, and Pumpkin left over so that’s what I just had for lunch today =)

So, there you have it. The protein for the Chocolate and Choc PB batch is enroute right now. The packaging should be done any day. The big order of chocolate flavoring is supposed to be arriving in about a week. Things are looking pretty good for Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter 2.1.0 arriving before April.

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Local Utah Ketonians: Come taste Keto Chow 2.1 tomorrow@10 am!

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This is a bit of short notice but: Tomorrow, March 13, we’re going to do a taste test of the final samples of Keto Chow 2.1. I got a sample of each flavor for final testing before production and wanted to get some public feedback. I already tested the ones for Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, and Banana – sorry =( If you happen to be near our warehouse (114th and Redwood in South Jordan, UT) and are available around 10:00 AM, please come by!

11279 S Redwood Rd, Suite B
South Jordan UT 84095

10:00 AM

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Keto Chow 2.1 update

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OK, it’s about time to do an update on how things are looking for Keto Chow 2.1. We just had lunch at Bam Bam’s BBQ with our co-packer (not quite as good as Black’s BBQ in Austin but MUCH closer!) – we’re not their only client doing keto stuff, though most of the other ones are all about exogenous ketones so we got to school him on topics related to those =). Anyhow, I got some great info – here’s what’s going on:

  • The packaging for the large bags ran into an issue late last week, one of the rolls got damaged before it went to the “poucher” and they had to reprint it… but before that, they had to wait for more of the media to print it on. The reprinted roll should be done today (March 7) and delivered to the finisher tomorrow. From there it’ll take a few days to make into pouches and be delivered to our co-packer.
  • Priority #1 is getting Chocolate (and Chocolate Peanut Butter by extension) completed. There are a few ingredients they’re waiting on:
    • The first of several nearly full truckloads of protein powder is supposed to arrive early next week.
    • Choline-L bitartrate has been difficult to find because everyone keeps wanting to ship the DL version instead of the L. With some compounds that wouldn’t be a problem but:
      1. DL smells gross
      2. DL contains both the D and L isomers but only the L can be used by life on earth – that makes it only 50% effective – the problem is DL has also been shown to cause kidney damage which L does not.
    • The flavor supplier is expediting a batch of the “Chocolate Milkshake” flavor that is used along with cocoa powder to make the Chocolate (and Peanut Butter). This one is a bit of an unknown since we haven’t actually confirmed when it’ll be done.
  • Once those two are going, Priority #2 is mixing up sample batches for the other 16 flavors. The plan is to get that over to packaging and done so we can have the “Sample the NEW things” for the 10 new flavors (plus the 2.1 samples of the old flavors) already available as the remaining large “week” bags are completed.
  • Priority #3 is Strawberry and Cookies & Cream – this one is interesting. The place we were getting the Strawberry, Banana, and Cookies & Cream flavors got weird about some compositional changes we wanted to the flavoring. Ultimately it was easier to get a different flavor place to replicate the flavors – I tested those 3 last week and I’m fiddling a little with how strong they are, that should be complete before the choline shows up.
  • The Remaining flavors will come in over a month or so, several hundred units of each flavor at a time.

A quick note about the lack of pre-order ability. We don’t do backorders or pre-orders. That’s somewhat for our own sanity but also to keep our payment processors happy. If we go longer than 30 days after taking money without shipping a product, they get rather upset. Do I think we’ll go longer than 30 days? No, but you never know with a new product line like this (see above =).

Besides that, pre-orders would be necessary only if we were getting in a limited quantity and you had to worry about not getting some. Going off past experience, when we get Chocolate, Peanut Butter, the Samples, and the rest of the flavors; we’ll be getting a massive quantity of each. Like 3-4 pallets worth of each. So there will be enough that pre-orders won’t be necessary.

If you’d like to know more about the upcoming version 2.1, check out the Keto Chow 2.1 information nexus where I’m posting updates and additional information.

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Keto Chow at the Low Carb Breckenridge 2018 Conference

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We returned yesterday from the Low Carb Breckenridge. It was really an awesome time. We met a lot of great people, hung out at the “cool kids” party house, ate some yummy fat (along with a little protein =) – I consider it a rousing success and I still haven’t even gone through the stack of annotated business cards to follow up with people yet! Photo Gallery:

I had a chance to do a “5 Minutes of Fame” quick presentation about my most recent experiment – ended up at 2:47 which left extra time for Siobhan Huggins to go 6:57 =)

Clinging with all their might

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OK, so I recently did an experiment where I consumed the same 2000 kCal a day for 6 weeks. I was messing around with the source of the bulk of those calories, mostly using different fats but the final week I substituted out all of the saturated fat I ate the week prior, and instead ate candy. Remember – still the same 2000 calories. I had been losing weight pretty consistently the 5 weeks I was living on fat. I gained weight the week I was eating the same 2000 calories from carbohydrates. It’s all documented ad nauseum on the experiment page, with data, graphs, DEXA scans, and more. I posted about it on reddit and have gotten some rather interesting comments from people who insist that the type of calorie is irrelevant and the only cause for weight gain is eating too many calories and not exercising enough. I’m rather forthcoming with my views on the subject (I think sugar is fattening and fat is not).

Today I got the best one yet. I said:

It’s like saying “Bill Gates is rich because he saves more money than he spends” or “The room is crowded because more people entered than left”. Sounds rather silly right? That’s because it’s the EFFECT and not the CAUSE.

To which they replied:

Bill gates isn’t rich because he saves more money than he spends. He’s rich because he takes in more money than he spends… which sounds an awful lot like calories in calories out.

Wait…. what? I’ve never had anybody actually think that “he makes money” is the CAUSE and REASON Bill is rich (as opposed to his ruthless business acumen and the lucky break he got with licensing QDOS, among other things) but if that’s what someone wants to believe, that’s what they want to believe.

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Keto Chow 2.1 update – packaging is printing right now!

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Like literally this very moment. One of the guys sent me a photo of the “Sample all the NEW things” bags that are on the press right now. There was a huge storm this weekend here and the media was delayed, a bunch of their production team came in today (Saturday) to get it rolling out in time. The way they’re rocking it we might have the finished bags by the end of this next week.

So, what does that mean for Keto Chow 2.1? The protein was ordered and should be coming soon. The flavorings are supposed to be on the way as well. Ostensibly everything should be coming together for a relatively quick production cycle but I haven’t been able to get definitive schedules for the filling and such. They are supposed to be doing Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Cookies & Cream first but as with anything of this sort, it could get delayed for random reasons (like snow storms!)

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Results and conclusions from 6 week fat experiment (42 days of Keto Chow)

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I have my analysis done on the data from my 6-week experiment doing Keto Chow for all my meals and swapping out different types of fats to see how they impact my lipid panels. It’s all chronicled over on the page about the experiment, along with an extensive array of graphs and other fun stuff.

I also proved that at least in me: eating 2000 calories a day of mostly fat with some protein I’ll lose weight. Switch that to 2000 calories of mostly carbohydrates with a little fat and the same amount of protein (and again, the same 2000 calories), I will gain weight.

Fun stuff!

42 Days of Keto Chow – Day 43 (done)

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Took my final blood test and had my final DEXA scan. I did some updates to the experiment page too. Should have the blood test results by Wednesday of next week.

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42 Days of Keto Chow – Day 42, done done done.

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Final day. Honestly could have gone longer if it wasn’t for the stupid sugar this week, the rather bad tasting Macadamia nut oil, or the gastrointestinal duress of liquid coconut oil. I’m looking forward to going back to my preferred heavy cream and avocado oil mixture. These last 2 days I have had diarrhea, it might be from the sugar – or it could be that the stomach flu is making the rounds among my kids and if I’ve managed to NOT contract it, that would be a miracle (ever tried to convince a sick kid to clean up their own throwup? Isn’t happening, buddy).

I started adding the blood tests, graphs, and other assorted data to the page about this experiment. It’s looking pretty good so far!

I got the costs for Keto Chow 2.1 this morning and I’ve been having lots of fun with spreadsheets all morning. The short version is: prices on current flavors will be the same, the new flavors are slightly more expensive to make so those will be a bit more… except the “Natural Strawberry” that’s sweetened with monk fruit instead of sucralose. That one is significantly more expensive to make and will likely be priced at or above the price of the peanut butter.

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