It’s Salted Caramel time!

Man, yesterday it was the finished Sample/Individual Meals, today it’s the 21 meal “week” bags of Salted Caramel – a full day earlier than we expected!

I got home from work and almost immediately headed to the Keto Chow warehouse to wait for the delivery truck. While I was waiting I killed some time by taking 360 spherical photos of the Keto Chow warehouse plus some of the CrossFit gym next door. I also had some fun with a thermal camera and the portable A/C – turns out the cold part gets really cold and the hot part gets really hot! Anyway, the delivery truck showed up and I used the reach truck forklift to get 6 pallets of Salted Caramel. That should last for a bit =)

So, if you’ve been waiting for Salted Caramel, it’s ready and waiting (now we just need Mocha back in stock – that might be a week or more, unfortunately).

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Final Packaged Keto Chow 2.0 Samples Finally Available

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So if you were confused today and thought it was December 2016, I could have a potential explanation: December 2016 was when we were originally supposed to have the samples of Keto Chow 2.0 ready. Back then I was actually worried that the packaging was taking so long to get printed and didn’t want it to delay the launch. Had someone told me then that we wouldn’t actually get them until mid-August 2017 I might have given up =(

Today the wait is over! We now have the final finished Keto Chow 2.0.1 samples. Fun fact: even though some say 2.0 and some say 2.0.1, they’re all 2.0.2 (sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin). We got some of the flavors yesterday and the rest today, did some quality control to verify the viscosity, took some photos and now they’re ready to go! We also have the “Sample all the Things!” variety bundle in stock.

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Limited number of pre-production individual samples of 2.0 available

We have a bunch of samples of Keto Chow 2.0, all of the flavors except Vanilla. As such we can’t make any of the “Sample all the things!” bundles until we get the vanilla. So, instead of sitting on them, we’re putting them up for sale. It’s a limited pre-production run and supplies are limited (4 peanut butter, but 31 Salted Caramel!) – unlike the final versions, these are packaged in clear resealable bags (see image at top).

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Flavor of the Week August 14-August 20: 10% off sale on Cookies & Cream 2.0.1 week packs

For the next week, you can get 10% off the 21 meal “week” size of Cookies & Cream 2.0.1. Check out the reviews of 2.0 Cookies & Cream!

Speaking of reviews, you should check out our store reviews on Google, and the reviews of Keto Chow. Here’s a “taste”:

Delicious stuff and amazing customer service that keeps you constantly updated. I would happily drink the chocolate peanut butter shake on a daily basis even if I weren’t on a keto diet.

Here’s another, should be noted that I publish all of the reviews that come in – bad or good – as they are, typos intact. The only ones I remove are spam posts from people wanting you to buy pills to “enhance performance” and such:

Keto 2.0 offers very little net carbs so you can still enjoy leafy greens while staying well below 25 net carbs. I am used to having generic vanilla or chocolate protein powder. I ordered the 2.0 cookies and cream and it tastes so good! I actually look forward to my blend whenever I am hungry and stay full for a long time.


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Availability on Salted Caramel, Samples, and Sample all the Things! (Caramel on Thursday)

We’re currently out of Salted Caramel in the large 21 meal bags, we are also out of stock on the Sample all the Things! bundles we have been making until we get the individual meals/sample ready, because we only had the mass-produced individual meals/samples for Keto Chow 2.0 available in the Chocolate flavor.

I just talked to the new company we’re using to package the individual meals. They’re currently about half way through the flavors and are hoping to have the rest done early next week. If all goes well, we might have “for realsies” samples available sometime Tuesday evening (don’t hold your breath though). Regardless, next week we should have individual samples ready for sale, both in the bundle and individually!

UPDATE: As for the Salted Caramel weeks, that mixed Friday afternoon, is being packaged, and is scheduled for delivery on Thursday, August 17.

It’s fitting that right as we sold out of the final 22 samples of Chocolate Fudge 1.9, we also got word that 2.0 will soon finally be complete!

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Go get a Coronary Calcium Scan #CAC

Last month, my wife and I went to KetoFest in Connecticut. On Saturday, we watched “The Widowmaker” – it’s a documentary about the Coronary Artery Calcium Scan and its effectiveness at directly predicting the likelihood of coronary heart disease because it’s measuring the actual disease as it’s happening – direct observation. If you happen to have a Netflix subscription, you can watch the full documentary here. On the way out of the theater, I was walking behind Ivor Cummins – who helped with the movie and has been helping David Bobbett (the guy who paid for it to be made). Ivor and a bunch of other big names in the keto world proceeded to have a rousing discussion that really should have been recorded for posterity. One big discussion point was that the movie leaves out the “extraordinary” measures taken by David – he went on a ketogenic diet. Apparently, the film makers decided to leave that part out =).

There is some criticism of the movie – how things were presented and the need for clearly defined “good” and “bad” guys. The movie makes two important points: coronary stents don’t prevent heart attacks and coronary scans can identify advanced coronary artery disease before heart attacks happen. Regardless of the presentation, and how the film makers decided to edit things (like leaving out Keto!), finding out your calcium score is important.

Anyhow, I determined to get a CAC – and so I did. Turns out you can get them where I live for around $70. Unless you live in Texas, insurance won’t pay for it to be done – which is odd since it’s required for all astronauts and US Presidents – I suppose they’d rather pay thousands for heart surgery instead of less than $100. Anyway, out-of-pocket was simple and easy. Took longer to fill out the papers than getting the actual scan. Now I have the results of my blood tests AND I have a Coronary Artery Calcium Scan as well. Turns out that living mostly on fat (and mostly SATURATED fat, specifically), I’m doing just dandy – thanks for asking =)

The patient has a total Calcium Score of 0.

This places the patient into the 0th percentile in comparison to a group of patients asymptomatic for coronary artery disease with the same age and gender. This means that 0% of males aged 40-44 have calcium scores lower than the patient.

Coronary artery calcification is a specific marker for coronary atherosclerosis. The amount of calcification correlates with the severity of coronary atherosclerosis. A score of 0 implies a low likelihood of coronary obstruction, but cannot totally exclude the presence of atherosclerosis. A high score indicates a significant plaque burden and relative risk for future cardiovascular events. It should be understood that calcification is not site specific for stenosis but rather indicates the extent of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries overall.

There was no identifiable plaque detected. Patient is advised to adhere to general guidelines on diet and exercise.

I’ll ignore the “general guidelines on diet” part, thank you very much =) If you’re curious and would like to see the full content of my CAC report, you can check that out here.

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Flavor of the Week August 7-August 13: 10% off sale on Chocolate 2.0.1 week packs

For the next week, you can get 10% off the 21 meal “week” size of Chocolate 2.0.1. By far it’s our most popular flavor, check out the reviews of 2.0 Chocolate!

Speaking of reviews, you should check out our store reviews on Google, and the reviews of Keto Chow. Here’s a “taste”:

This company is hands down the best company I’ve ever purchased from. They have a fantastic product, incredible customer support, and great response times.

Here’s another, should be noted that I publish all of the reviews that come in – bad or good – as they are, typos intact. The only ones I remove are spam posts from people wanting you to buy pills to “enhance performance” and such:

I’ve been using Keto chow for weight loss for around 5 months, it’s been the key to my success. Currently down 35 pounds!


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July 31, 2017: Most shipments in one day, in our biggest month ever

Yesterday, July 31 2017, we shipped more packages than any other single day before, it was a record (15% higher than the previous record from a week ago). Granted, if you add together all the orders that came in during our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in 2016 there were more orders, but yesterday was the biggest shipping day we’ve had so far… and most of those were ordered before we put Chocolate Peanut Butter on sale! Oddly, it was also the final day of what turned out to be our biggest month ever, both in order total and order numbers. It was even bigger than the customary January spike we get when people decide it’s time to lose some weight for their new year’s resolutions. Frankly it’s amazing we were able to sustain growth mixing the old product the way we were. in the v1.x days Now that we’re getting sizeable shipments of product in, we’re getting closer to the point where we can scale WAY up and not have to worry about running out of product (which is ironic in that: right this moment we are out of stock on Chocolate 2.0). I’m expecting to soon get some actual movement on the samples front too, then we can REALLY go for it!

Now, before you ask how much/many that was, I’m going to be upfront that I’m being “deliberately evasive”. It’s the term I use when my kids want to know a surprise or something that I’m not going to tell them, after a few questions I’ll just say I’m being deliberately evasive and they (usually) let it drop =). Here’s a pretty graph that shows Keto Chow gross sales from launch in January 2015, up through yesterday in July 2017. I’ve very conveniently replaced the numbers with pictures of bananas at random intervals (though I could have left the bottom one alone, it’s 0):

With any luck, by the end of the year, I’ll be exceeding my e-commerce store order “quota” and have to upgrade that again =)

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