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This is not a drill: Snickerdoodle 21 meal bulk bags are back in stock

Just in time for Friday fun: we just received the single-flavor 21 meal bulk bags of Snickerdoodle Keto Chow. Of note: this is the new v2.1.2 with the increased vitamin A and the return of “instantized” protein powder so you shouldn’t have problems with clumping when it’s mixed. OK, enough of that, go order yourself some Snickerdoodle and when it arrives you can use some to make a few of the recipes that call for it.

Get some SnickerDoodle
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Keto Dieting Tips For Beginners

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard about the keto diet before. From people in your everyday life who swear by it, to celebrities who rave about it; keto dieting is all the rage. Although you probably think that keto dieting is a new fad because of the traction it currently has, the keto lifestyle has been around since the 1920s. This diet was designed with overall health in mind, and it was originally created for people who suffer from epilepsy. 

So, what exactly is keto dieting? A keto diet is a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that offers a multitude of health benefits that range from mental clarity to weight loss. People who take up keto dieting also experience decreased levels of inflammation. 

Once you achieve a state of “ketosis”, your body switches from using glucose from carbohydrates as fuel to using fat as fuel and starts making a new form of energy your body can use, these are called “ketones” or “ketone bodies” and are what the “ketogenic diet” is named after. Starting keto takes a lot of patience and practice. In order to be successful, you’ll have to get through the first few weeks – there’s a popular phrase: “Keep Calm and Keto On” – meaning that you should learn the basics and not worry about if you don’t have rapid progress, keep going. It’s helpful to remember that each time you start something new, you’re presented with hurdles that you’ll have to overcome. Everything comes with a learning curve, so hang in there.

To make the process of transitioning into a keto diet easier, here are a few keto guidelines you can start following. These will train your body to get into and maintain ketosis. 

Comprehending What Keto Is and What Keto Isn’t 

Don’t rely on what your coworkers or friends have told you about keto dieting, it’s best to do your own research and trust your intuition. First of all, the goal of the keto diet is for your body to reach a metabolic state of ketosis. Ketosis is the state in which your body relies on fat for energy, instead of depending on glucose from carbohydrates. This “fat for energy” includes stored fats. In order to successfully achieve ketosis, you’ll have to limit your “net carbs”. The easiest way to think about it is: just replace all of the carbohydrates in your diet (sugar, starch, wheat, etc…) with FAT!

Net carbs are your total carbs minus fiber (though sometimes food manufacturers will try to trick people with “fiber” that really isn’t, more about that later). Limit your net carbs to below 20g a day, while also increasing your dietary fat consumption. It’s important to note that everyone has a unique carb tolerance – some can go as high as 50g a day but it’s generally accepted that if you stay below 20g a day for 3 days, you will start to transition to ketones instead of sugar. 

There are several misconceptions floating around about keto, and many people believe that it is the same thing as the Atkins diet. However, this is not the case; the Atkins diet was based on Dr. Atkins observations of what worked for his patients and actually is considered a modified form of the ketogenic diet (which came quite a long time before Atkins). The Atkins diet starts with an “induction phase” that is quite similar to a ketogenic diet but then switches to more protein and carbohydrates. is high on both fats and proteins. People on the keto diet eat fat as their primary fuel source, and only moderate amounts of protein, generally between 80 and 120 grams depending on how much muscle you have (called “lean body mass”) – many online resources will talk about percentages (5% carbs, 20% protein, 75% fat, etc…) but percentages are the wrong way to measure unless you are treating epilepsy with a very, very restrictive ketogenic diet. Instead, use grams; again: under 20g of carbs, 80-120g of protein, the rest is fat! 

Fat is variable from person to person and even from day to day. If your insulin is low then your body will be able to supply fat using your body’s reserves (yay!). If you are just starting keto then your insulin is likely high enough that the fat is locked away and you will not be able to access it readily. Here’s the rub: you’re not eating carbs so you don’t have glucose/sugar to burn; but you also can’t access stored fat so unless there’s sufficient fat in the food you eat, your cells will not have any sources of energy and you’re going to get hungry. Probably REALLY hungry and think this keto thing is a pack of lies. The solution is to make sure you are getting sufficient fat until your body figures out what it’s doing and can pull from storage. Especially when you’re starting: increase the amount of fat you’re eating. Throw some extra butter on your steak, add some more heavy cream to your diet root beer, etc… After you’ve adjusted to keto, then you can start running a caloric deficit but you’re probably not even going to need to deliberately do it since your body should clue-in and tell you “nah, I’m full – save that for later.”

Define Your Goals for Achieving Ketosis 

Since transitioning into ketosis takes commitment, it’s essential to sit down with yourself and figure out your levels of commitment. Why do you want to take on a keto diet? Are you looking to have more energy for your children? Do you need more energy while you’re at work? Do not focus on superficial goals such as weight loss. 

Weight loss is usually a byproduct of ketosis, but it should not be your end goal. Instead, working on a long-term goal that will benefit you holistically and not just physically will help you power through with your diet when the going gets tough. 

Our favorite goals are the “Non Scale Victories” (NSV) that involve being able to work with your doctor to reduce, or even eliminate medications. We joke that this makes you more likely to survive a “zombie apocalypse” but it also helps during natural disasters like hurricanes – those are slightly more frequent than the end of the world! Being healthy and well – with more energy is something we all want; if you happen to be less attracted to the gravity of the earth, that’s fun too.

Look Out for Hidden Carbs

Diets are tricky sometimes because carbs are everywhere. They’re in bread and pasta, drinks, and snacks. Carbs hide in your dressings, sauces, and even meats (especially if breaded). For this reason, the best thing you can do for yourself when starting your keto diet plan is to read every nutrition label. Ignore what you think you know about carbs in the food you eat and verify that information. 

If a certain food, such as an orange, doesn’t come with a nutrition label, search up the carb content online or use a food tracking app (we recommend “Cron-O-Meter”). Find your go-to keto foods that are low in carbs and consist of high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients. It’s best if you don’t snack (it keeps your insulin high which turns off fat burning) but if you have to snack look for foods that are really high in fat – you can even try using “Fat Bombs.” 

Consider tracking your carb intake for the first week on the keto diet, just to gain familiarity with what a low-carb intake looks like. Don’t fixate too much on the numbers you see and panic about it, this is just to diagnose where you are at so you can learn to modify your meals accordingly. Remember, keto dieting shouldn’t be painful – make sure that you actually enjoy your food. Otherwise, you will be restricting yourself to foods you don’t like, which will ultimately end in you dropping your keto diet. 

Hydration Is Everything

Once your body begins to shift into ketosis, you’ll begin to burn your “glycogen” stores. All this means is that your body is now flushing out stored glucose along with water and salt. During this process, you’ll have to replenish crucial electrolyte minerals. If you don’t stay on top of your water and electrolyte intake game, you’ll suffer from headaches and muscle aches, fatigue and you’ll feel like you’re getting sick. This is known in the Keto community as “Keto Flu”. It’s a bit complicated why this happens but the short version is that as your glucose lowers, so does insulin, lower insulin signals to your kidneys that they can return to normal operation and not hold on so tightly to sodium. This results in you needing more sodium when doing keto or low carb than what a typical person eating sugar every day would need but it’s the amount of salt our ancestors ate and any extra comes right out.

To avoid the “keto flu”, you’ll want to carry a water bottle, put salt on your food, and you can replace lost electrolytes with targeted mineral supplements like those found in the Keto Chow Electrolyte Drops. Another option is adding sea salt to your water. We know it sounds weird now, but as your body starts to crave the salt, you might even develop a taste for pickle juice!

Don’t Stress Too Much

Are you constantly full of irrational worries? Look into stress relieving activities, as high stress levels take a physical toll on your body. When you over analyze everything, not only do you drain your energy, but you end up producing more cortisol. Higher cortisol levels lead to high blood sugar and weight gain. As you are slipping into a new routine of adjusting your food and activity levels, don’t forget to also decrease your stress levels, both at home and at work. 

Journaling, yoga, and mindfulness meditation are your new best friends. These healthy activities are low-effort ways to decrease your stress levels and positively impact your overall health. This is also beneficial to your life outside of your diet plan. Around here we like to relax by listening to some keto-centric podcasts like the “2 Keto Dudes” and the “Diet Doctor” podcast (that one is by Dr. Bret Scher, a cardiologist that says if you want a healthy heart – eat steak and butter!)

Keto dieting positively alters your mental health, energy levels, and physique. Although it can be confusing in the beginning, once you achieve ketosis and grow accustomed to keto foods, you will begin to see how worth it keto dieting is. Keto Chow offers an extensive selection of shakes, base powders, soup flavors, electrolyte drops, and recipes for all your keto needs. Change your life and get started with us today!   

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Printable sticker sheets for labeling your Keto Chow storage containers

OK, this is a weird one but whatever. Miriam has been putting our Keto Chow into some storage containers – others likely work just fine, these are the ones that fit how tall inside our cupboards are (and they fit 1.5 bags of Keto Chow).

I saw some Keto Chow users that have been cutting out the picture from their bags and using those to label their containers, I thought I could help make more “fancy” – here are some sheets you can print out, either on a regular sheet or on sticker paper. I looked into having them printed but it was CRAZY expensive and would take like a month. So I hereby empower you to print your own!

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Facebook Live recording from September 17, 2019

Every week we do a live broadcast where we answer questions, talk about fun stuff, and more! Here is the high-quality recording straight from the camera in UHD4K

We talked about:

Here is the facebook live recording that went up on Facebook, complete with the user comments:

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Keto Chow Chaffles (sweet or savory) Recipe

Chaffles are all the rage these days, and frankly: for good reason. They’re extremely easy to make, taste great, and really fill the need for waffles, buns, pizza crusts, and more. This super-simple, 3 ingredient recipe is something we’ve been cooking up around here and wanted to share with everyone. You can use any of the flavors of Keto Chow, here are some of our favorite uses:

  • Use eggnog, chocolate, banana, or any of the other sweet flavors to make an amazing waffle. Throw on some whipped cream and you’re all set!
  • Use the Creamy Tomato Basil Keto Chow to make pizza crusts
  • Use the Savory Chicken Soup to make a bun/roll for burgers or a grilled cheese sandwich
  • Use Spicy Taco Soup to make a soft taco shell

3 ingredient Keto Chow Chaffles (sweet or savory)

A "chaffle" is a waffle made with cheese and eggs, around here we add one more ingredient: Keto Chow (OK, you can actually add additional ingredients like sugar-free chocolate chips but the core recipe is really simple =). We've tried these with just about every flavor of Keto Chow: the sweet flavors make great traditional waffles, the savory flavors make amazing buns, pizza crusts, and more!
Prep Time2 mins
Cook Time1 min
Course: Breakfast, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine: American, Italian
Keyword: Banana, Beef Soup Base, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Toffee, Cookies and Cream, Creamy Tomato Basil, Eggnog, Keto Chow, Mocha, Orange Cream, Pumpkin Spice Caramel, Raspberry Cheesecake, Rootbeer Float, Salted Caramel, Savory Chicken Soup, Snickerdoodle, Spicy Taco Soup Base, Strawberry, Vanilla
Servings: 18 mini waffles
Calories: 69.9kcal


Author: Chris


  • 6 large Eggs
  • 2 cups cheese we typically use mozzarella or Monterey jack
  • 1 serving Keto Chow powder whichever flavor you like!


  • Crack open and empty eggs into a bowl
    Making Chaffles - add eggs
  • Add cheese
    Making Chaffles - add cheese
  • Add Keto Chow
    Making Chaffles - Add Keto Chow
  • Add other ingredients like chocolate chips if desired
  • Mix - get the clumps out
    Making Chaffles - Mix up the batter
  • Put a small amount of the mixture into the waffle maker, this will take a bit of practice to get right but it's around 2 tablespoons. You're only filling it maybe halfway.
    Making Chaffles - add batter to waffle iron


Nutrition calculated using Cron-o-meter - your ingredients might be different. You could make these on a larger waffle maker but it's more difficult to do and they just don't turn out as well. The Dash Mini Maker is frankly the best thing we have found - we own 4!
Nutrition Facts
3 ingredient Keto Chow Chaffles (sweet or savory)
Amount Per Serving (1 waffle)
Calories 69.9 Calories from Fat 39
% Daily Value*
Fat 4.3g7%
Saturated Fat 2g13%
Trans Fat 0.1g
Cholesterol 70.9mg24%
Sodium 152.1mg7%
Potassium 130.3mg4%
Carbohydrates 1.3g0%
Fiber 0.4g2%
Sugar 0.5g1%
Protein 6.5g13%
Vitamin A 203IU4%
Vitamin C 7.59mg9%
Calcium 137mg14%
Iron 0.35mg2%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


Serving: 1waffle | Calories: 69.9kcal | Carbohydrates: 1.3g | Protein: 6.5g | Fat: 4.3g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Trans Fat: 0.1g | Cholesterol: 70.9mg | Sodium: 152.1mg | Potassium: 130.3mg | Fiber: 0.4g | Sugar: 0.5g | Vitamin A: 203IU | Vitamin C: 7.59mg | Calcium: 137mg | Iron: 0.35mg
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Flavor of the week: Get 10% off the Pumpkin Spice Caramel Keto Chow 21 meal packs between Sept 16 – Sept 22


Until September 22 you can get 10% off the 21 meal “week” size of the Pumpkin Spice Caramel Keto Chow. Normally, the Pumpkin Spice Caramel is $66 for 21 meals, this week it’s discounted down to $59.40 – that’s only $2.83 a meal! Check out the flavor reviews of Pumpkin Spice Caramel.

We sometimes get asked: “what can I do with Keto Chow besides make shakes?” The best place to start is our Keto Chow Recipes page, here are some of the recipes that use Pumpkin Spice Caramel Keto Chow:

You should check out the reviews of Keto Chow, we also get a lot of reviews on our Facebook page and on the Keto Chow subreddit. It should be noted that we publish all of the reviews that come in – bad or good – as they are, typos intact. The only ones we remove are spam posts from people wanting you to buy pills to “enhance performance” and such or reviews that divulge personal information. These are just a few of the over 200 real reviews we received in the last week

Great product

I have Crohn’s disease. I have many food intolerances. I am dairy free, gluten free and more. Often times I don’t have the energy to make anything and just don’t eat. I don’t have the nutrients I need to heal, let alone be healthy. Keto Chow is the only meal replacement that doesn’t hurt me. Also, it just tastes good. I look forward to my drinks. I mix mine with 4 tbsp grass fed butter or a can of coconut milk. I am so glad to have this as an option.

Tracy C.
Very impressed

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I ordered the samples. I have never been a big fan of most nutritional shakes and stuff like that that I have tried before. But I recently started keto and really wanted something that I could mix up super easy and use that would be keto compliant without having to cook something. I have tried four of the different flavors that came in the sample pack so far and there hasn’t been one that I didn’t like. My favorite so far has been the salted caramel, with vanilla being my second favorite. I definitely plan to get more of those, and also try out some other flavors. The shakes are super easy to whip up and stick in the fridge for the next day, and have all tasted very good. I’ve used heavy cream for the fat and that seems to work perfectly. I definitely recommend that people give Keto Chow a chance.

Heather D.
I’m loosing weight you can too

Love the product.I really didn’t think it would work…i lost 11 lbs.I was very sceptical about buying this product ..Thinking another diet gimmick..Well I’m blown away.. A MUST TRY!!!

Tricia N.
Mahalo Keto Chow, the Shakes are Amazing!

Aloha from Hawaii! :D KetoChow has helped both me and my parents stick with our Keto diet as we live in a place where people have rice morning, afternoon and night. Also, with our schedules becoming more busy, it was a bit hard to prep for the next day and some of us don’t have time to eat a full meal. Thanks to KetoChow we know exactly what and how much we are consuming, and it keeps us full for hours.
We only replaced one meal a day (lunch or dinner) and we are still losing weight steadily and on time. And I don’t know if it’s the placebo affect or not, but I feel I get more out of my exercises than when I didn’t drink KetoChow.

Our favorite flavors:
Cookies & Cream
Salted Caramel
Chocolate Toffee
Natural Strawberry

Can’t wait to try:
Chocolate Peanut Butter
(Heard good things about these two)

Unfortunately, I didn’t like the soup flavors. But we’re here more for the sweet stuff anyways.

Alyssa Y.
Yumm the eff eee!

I THOUGHT I had found my all time favorite flavor when I tried chocolate toffee. On a whim I ordered the Pumpkin caramel spice and fell in love. I didn’t let the flavors get to know each other very long as I was hungry. Bam, the arrow of my food cupid plunged into my heart… my heart and tummy swooned over this flavor.

Melanie E.
Great for dinner

I didn’t like the soup flavors as much as the shakes (I LOVE the shakes) but, they make an excellent dinner since you do not have to prepare them ahead of time. Throw some skinny pasta in them and they are a very filling meal (in fact, I can’t ever finish it on one sitting)

Kimberly H.
Not bad at all

I ordered these to see if I would be able to even stomach them as I tried switching into a Keto lifestyle. Not only can I stomach them, they actually taste good, and I went back to the fridge multiple times to sip some more (I’m notusing them as real meal replacements just yet). After trying a few that came with the pack, I’ve ordered 3 large bags, bought an immersion blender, and grabbed another 2 blender bottles. I’m all in! I must say, switch out the root beer flavor (who likes that!?) for the Snickerdoodle :p

Christopher S.
Keto Chow Base

I purchased two bags of the base to try with other protein powders. They came promptly and as described.
They mix smooth and even my husband is enjoying them.
Love Keto Chow items!
My get a 21 meal bag soon.

Sarah B.

great product

Been using this meal replacement for 8 weeks now and down 20 lbs. I drink one shake a day and have a healthy dinner. I feel great and have my energy back. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is wanting to get their life back.

Elaine M.
Can’t wait!

There was about a week between receiving our sample bundle and our first order and I was CRAVING the shakes that week.
Great tasting and very creamy. Can’t wait to get our big bags!

Kelly J.
Great product!

We have tried almost all of the sweet flavors. We have liked all of them (they are like flavored cake batter). My husband uses them as a meal replacement for breakfast. Definitely buying more.

Kelly P.
I don’t think I can live without it now!

I’m not going to lie, I was expecting something that tasted horrible, trying to masquerade as yummy treat. Instead I got something that tasted like melted ice cream. I work 10 hour days, so I don’t have tons of time to meal prep for breakfast/lunch at night. I make a sham and grab it in the morning. I’m going to have to save up some cash to buy more, but it’s totally worth the price.

Kaitlin G.
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Facebook Live recording from September 10, 2019

Every week we do a live broadcast where we answer questions, talk about fun stuff, and more! Here is the high-quality recording straight from the camera in UHD4K

We talked about:

Here is the facebook live recording that went up on Facebook, complete with the user comments:

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Flavor of the week: Get 10% off the Eggnog Keto Chow 21 meal packs between Sept 9 – Sept 15


Until September 15 you can get 10% off the 21 meal “week” size of the Eggnog Keto Chow. Normally, the Eggnog is $66 for 21 meals, this week it’s discounted down to $59.40 – that’s only $2.83 a meal!  Check out the flavor reviews of Eggnog.

Eggnog FAQ by Southernbenz

I’ve never had eggnog. Will I like it?

It’s a thick, sweet, creamy and milky flavor- often with notes nutmeg and cinnamon.

Does it taste like eggnog?

It tastes reminiscent of non-alcoholic eggnog. It’s not 1:1 will your favorite name-brand eggnog, but there’s a good similarity. If you’re not an eggnog connoisseur, you’ll love it. If you are an eggnog connoisseur, you’ll still like it. I would recommend trying a sip as-is, and maybe adding 1/4 tsp of ground cinnamon.

Rum? Whiskey?

YES. Traditionally, eggnog is to be mixed with dark liquor. For Keto Chow Eggnog, I would recommend something on the heavier side such as Kraken or Captain Morgan Black.

We sometimes get asked: “what can I do with Keto Chow besides make shakes?” The best place to start is our Keto Chow Recipes page, here are some of the recipes that use Eggnog Keto Chow:

You should check out the reviews of Keto Chow, we also get a lot of reviews on our Facebook page and on the Keto Chow subreddit. It should be noted that we publish all of the reviews that come in – bad or good – as they are, typos intact. The only ones we remove are spam posts from people wanting you to buy pills to “enhance performance” and such or reviews that divulge personal information. These are just a few of the over 200 real reviews we received in the last week


This was the second order and I will be placing another soon. The flavors are great and I have lost over 20 pounds in 3 weeks. I tried another brand right after the sample pack that was a little less in cost but I like the Keto Chow much better. I truly believe the Keto Chow has helped in my results. I wish it was a little less expensive but the taste and results are fantastic. Thanks Keto Chow 😁

Robert B.
Overall Good

I am still trying the flavors that I bought. I think that the Root Beer could be a bit stronger flavor but it is still great. Pumpkin Pie is awesome. Chocolate Mint, Cookies and Cream are great. I just mixed Strawberry and Chocolate Toffee. They tasted good and will no doubt get better in a day or so!!!

Jana B.

I’ve tried a lot of different diet supplement shakes/ meals, some of which are pretty nasty, so I was skeptical about how Keto Chow would be, so I started with the sample pack. All I can say is WOW!!! My first chocolate shake, which I used HWC in, was so good I was making everyone else, including my husband, try it! We were all in agreement!! Since then, I’ve ordered 7 different family packs (enough to make 21 shakes in eack) flavors, an immersion blender (I want to work with butter (yes, a little more work, should definately watch the video on how to do it!) for some flavors and the immersion blender will really keep it smooth!) and a big gallon pitcher for mixing (I’m planning on mixing flavors together, such as vanilla, banana and strawberry to give me even more diversity!)! I’m also really happy with how quickly I received my orders! Again, Wow!! All around, I’m so glad I took a chance to try Keto Chow! And since I got my Keto Chow, I’ve been searching out new and creative ways of using it! So surprised to see so many uses… Pudding, ice cream, cookies, brownies… And I say it again, WOW!!!

Margo T.
Beyond Impressed

I was worried about how all the flavors would taste but there wasn’t a single one I didn’t like. I loved them so much I’m definitely ordering some big bags. I look forward to sticking with Keto Chow.

Jacklynn N.

Love the consistency of the shake. Would make at night and drink for lunch next day. Just the right consistency every day. Love the Chocolate, Salted Caramel and strawberry. Will be ordering more when I return from vacation.

Joseph L.
Order them NOW!!

These shakes are absolutely FANTASTIC!! Flavors are on point and they keep you full longer than you would expect. They are the BEST meal replacement, pre/post workout meals a person could ask for!! The only drawback is picking a flavor 😉
Order order ORDER NOW!! 🤤🤤🤤

Beth M.
Tried new flavor!

I bought the chocolate mint bc it was on sale, not expecting much, as that isn’t one of my favorite flavors in general (chocolate is usually the best in any product). I was pleasantly surprised and I love the chocolate mint flavor probably way better than chocolate itself

Darby S.
Unbelievably Delicious.

I have tried every single shake and product out there. They all say they taste amazing.. They never do. This literally tastes like a milkshake. The salted caramel would make an amazing frozen treat, similar to Gelato. The Chocolate Toffee is absolutely, hands down, my favorite flavor. I have tried 10 flavors and all of them exceeded my expectations by miles. I drink one a day but there are days that I crave another one.. They are that delicious. You cannot go wrong with these shakes. They are amazing and I never feel low on energy…

Melanie E.
This is easy and delicious!

After trying the samples packs, we were surprised how delicious and filling they are, my husband and I decided to order a larger pack of the raspberry cheesecake. It is so yummy! It’s not too sweet but enough to make it easy to drink and I look forward to breakfast every day! They are filling and we’ve found a mix of avocado oil and heavy cream is our favorite way to drink them. Making them the night before makes the texture extra smooth and more ‘milkshake’ like. Looking forward to our next purchase of the salted caramel!

Candice K.
So Good!

I’ve been using Keto Chow for about a month now and have successfully replaced 2 meals a day (even on weekends!) with it. I feel full and energized after drinking a shake — usually made with butter (YUM!) — and the feeling stays for hours! Another advantage to butter is the drastically reduced amount of net carbs I’m consuming, which has been steadily whittling away at my excess weight. Winning!!
It’s so convenient, too!! My hubby and I used to use Soylent for on-the-go meal replacement, but since switching to a ketogenic lifestyle, we’ve been missing that (near) instant meal convenience for the busy work week. Being able to reach into my cooler and grab a shake (that I made the night before) between conference calls and not having to worry about heating up leftovers or going to the restaurant and picking through the menu for something I can have guilt-free (then paying 3 times as much as KC, waiting for it to get made, etc.). And the flavors are AMAZING. Get the sample packs, grab a blender bottle and go to town!! I made nearly everything with heavy whipping cream in the trial period, then ventured on to butter once I get my big bags. I now have a little “recipe” book with measurements to use for batches and singles for butter and separately for cream and which one I like best with that flavor. I love it. Yes, I can imagine life w/out Keto Chow in it… but why would I do that to myself?! Worth every penny. <3

Joy W.
So yummy

I have been on Keto on and off for 2 years. I had lost 45 lbs. I had hit a plateau and needed a boost. I saw the Keto Chow commercial with the funny witch on Facebook and I was compelled to give this a try. I ordered a sample pack with 6 or 7 delicious flavors of meal replacement shakes. I started the week at 200 lbs. In the first 4 days I was down a solid 7 lbs. The shakes are so delicious and satisfying. I just purchased another flavor sample pack and large pack of the root beer float. I have 25 lbs to reach my goal and Keto Chow is going to get me there and help me stay there.

Stacy P.
I was skeptical

I’m not a big fan of shakes- it’s kinda a texture thing, but I have to say, these are so smooth and so creamy- they taste AMAZING. I was really struggling with a plateau on my weight loss- but doing this 2 meals a day and fasting the rest of the day kick started me back to loosing weight. I can’t recommend these enough-
I do the chocolate with heavy cream and instead of water I do Starbucks cold brew unsweetened coffee- absolutely the BEST way to start your morning!!!!

Shannon L.
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Informational video: What is Keto Chow?

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Keto Chow Information Videos

Miriam and Chris Bair from Keto Chow sit down to briefly talk about what Keto Chow is. It’s a meal replacement shake mix that’s designed to make getting the right nutrients on a ketogenic diet easy. Unlike many “meal” shakes you may have tried int he past, Keto Chow is an actual meal that completely replaces 1/3 of your daily food and gives you exactly what you need. It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, electrolytes, and more; but you get to choose the amount and the kind of fat that you want to add. This part lets you customize Keto Chow to fit your specific needs. Whether you need 1200 calories a day and prefer heavy cream, or you’re needing 2500 calories a day and like butter or coconut oil for your fat; Keto Chow lets you customize it to your needs.

How To Chow - calorie Cheat-sheet

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Facebook Live recording from September 3, 2019

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Every week we do a live broadcast where we answer questions, talk about fun stuff, and more! Here is the high-quality recording straight from the camera in UHD4K

We talked about:

  • The Keto Chow flavor of the week is Root Beer float. It’s 10% off until Monday morning.
  • Keto Salt Lake 2019 Youtube playlist
  • Matt and Megha from Keto Connect have a new cookbook coming out on September 17 – you can Pre-order on Amazon
  • Cayts onion rings
  • We made chaffles for our kids for school lunches so we ordered a bunch of other OOO (one on one) flavors to add to the chaffles made with vanilla keto chow. The recipe Miriam made was:
    • 1/2 scoop vanilla keto chow
    • 4 eggs
    • 1 or 1 1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese
  • Discount link and code for OOO flavors is on
  • Joe pokes fun of us for making rather basic videos =)
    • Making Keto Chow Ice Cream
    • Heating up Savory Keto Chow
    • Fixing overly salty or thick Keto Chow
  • If you don’t like the thickness of Keto chow add more water. We say “add 14 oz of water” but we think sometimes people understand that as “add water to 14 oz in the blender bottle” if you’re measuring that way it would be to the 20 ounce line.
  • Can you use half-and-half with Keto Chow – what fats to use with Keto Chow
  • Using Keto Chow for emergency situations (hurricanes, power outages, scout camp, etc…)
  • 2 Krazy Ketos video about keto in a power outage
  • If you want to eat fewer meals than 3 can you still use keto chow? Yes, make 3 shakes at once and then split it into 2 meals. Or eat your three at once with less water. There are lots of options you can do.
  • What do you do with electrolyte drops?
  • What can you make with the Chicken Soup Keto Chow? How do you make it?
  • Amanda’s dumplings recipe on Instagram
  • Keto Chow packages show delivered but nothing is there. What’s up? How do you handle it?
  • What do you do if Keto Chow is too sweet? Add some salt!
  • How do you handle “cheats” or falling off the wagon?

Here is the facebook live recording that went up on Facebook, complete with the user comments:

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