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Facebook Live recording from October 15, 2019

Every week we do a live broadcast where we answer questions, talk about fun stuff, and more! Here is the high-quality recording straight from the camera in UHD4K

We talked about:

Here is the facebook live recording that went up on Facebook, complete with the user comments:

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Facebook Live recording from October 8, 2019

Every week we do a live broadcast where we answer questions, talk about fun stuff, and more! Here is the high-quality recording straight from the camera in UHD4K

We talked about:

  • The Keto Chow flavor of the week is Natural Strawberry. It’s 10% off until Monday morning.
  • There is a good Macro Calculator on Maria Emmerich’s website
  • Mixing with butter works so much better with a blender – do yourself a favor and try it that way.
  • We did a comparison of Chocolate versions, there are subtle differences if you have them to compare, probably couldn’t tell the difference from day-to-day
  • Keto Chow that’s “expired” – is it OK?
  • We have finalized our speakers for Keto Salt Lake 2020.
  • See other keto/low carb events at
  • We got a package from keto bars with a new flavor. They collaborated with KetoConnect and made Chocolate strawberry! It is delish.
  • You can grab Keto Chow shirts and stuff on
  • We are doing a 21 day strict keto and/or Keto Chow from Keto Village. We are doing great! Anyone can jump on with us here
  • We have a little trick we like to do with our drinks at restaurants, we put electrolytes down our straw then drink it up and it’s gone in a quick sip followed by a yummy drink.
  • How long does Keto Chow last in the fridge? If you use new heavy cream we have found it lasts up to 6 days.
  • Have you ever found butter clumps when you mix with butter? If this happens, put it in the microwave melt and shake, it fixes it every time.
  • Have you noticed the color is different when you mix avocado oil with keto chow or heavy cream with keto chow? It mixes up darker and has a stronger flavor. The chocolate tastes more like a chocolate fudge, with the cream it tastes more like milk chocolate. Avocado oil mixes up thinner and heavy cream thicker. Butter mixes up similar to avocado oil, but it tastes buttery. It is delicious.
  • Vanilla will be back in stock we think next week.
  • Why are the savory soup flavors so different? They are made with a beef & bone broth protein. They are dairy free. They taste different because they are different.

Here is the facebook live recording that went up on Facebook, complete with the user comments:

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Fixing Keto Chow that’s too salty and/or too thick

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You keep hearing how amazing Keto Chow is, the reviews are fantastic… but you mixed it up and it’s super thick and it’s WAY too salty – what’s going on? Was everyone lying? No, you just need to add more water!

On the Keto Chow instructions, it says to add 14 ounces (or more) of water, sometimes that gets interpreted to “mix to 14 ounces total” and if you do that it’s going to be WAY too thick and unbearably salty. It’s going to be GROSS. What you need to do is add more water, most people like the taste and thickness when the total mixture is around 20 ounces, or a nearly full Blender Bottle. If your Keto Chow is already mixed up and not the way you like it, just add more water!

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4 years of DreamForce, this year: Keto Chow only

Every year there’s a really large (over 170,000 attendees) tech conference called DreamForce that’s put on by SalesForce in San Francisco. I’ve been attending since 2014, in fact, it was DreamForce 2014 that catalyzed my resolve to do a Ketogenic Diet. This year I didn’t just stay keto, I stayed 100% Keto Chow. I’m in the middle of an experiment where I’m only eating Keto Chow and only drinking water for all my meals. At first, I thought it was a terrible idea to do that during DreamForce, then I decided it was an awesome idea. Here’s how I did it.

In the past, I’ve stayed at hotels with refrigerators, this time that simply wasn’t an option. Most of the hotels near the conference were all booked up and the remaining ones fell into 2 categories: over $1000/night super swanky, under $75/night hostels with shared bathrooms. I went for the latter, luckily I got my own room without a bunk bed – but there wasn’t a fridge. I had to come up with a plan for preparing Keto Chow using only shelf stable ingredients. I’ve used Trader Joe’s shelf-stable whipping cream but I wanted to give Avocado Oil a shot, but before that – I wanted to give butter a shot!

I’m testing out a new version of Keto Chow, it’s very close to the current 2.0.2, just with some slightly different ingredients and with new flavors. One of these flavors is Savory Chicken Soup – it’s meant to be consumed while hot. If it’s hot, then I can use butter, which has the added bonus of not being liquid so I can make it easily through airport security without problems. I did the math and for my calorie target, I needed either a 1/2 cup of heavy cream, 1/4 cup of Avocado Oil, or a half stick of butter in each meal. So I put a bag of chicken Keto Chow and a half stick of butter into a HydroFlask. After going through security I found a coffee shop and the nice lady filled up my HydroFlask with crazy hot water (for free!). I dropped in the butter and Keto Chow powder and waited for my flight. I finally drank it around lunch time and it was still hot enough to slightly burn my tongue.

I did learn a very valuable lesson for dinner that night: don’t put the powder in with the oil until it’s time to add the water too. If you do, the powder and the oil will not ever fully mix with the water and you get floating crunchy powder blobs. It wasn’t fun, I only drank about 3/4 of it.

The rest of my meals were made in my HydroFlasks or Blender Bottle using Avocado Oil. I got a great tip in a comment that I should use a large syringe to measure the oil. That worked exceptionally well with a 60 cc/ml syringe. I would pour the oil into a disposable plastic cup and then fill up the syringe, squirt it into the container and repeat for all 3 containers. The only clean-up was wiping off the syringe tip with a tissue. I would have sandwich bags with the powder pre-measured in my backpack; and as soon as I got to a place with either ice water (regular Keto Chow) or hot water (the chicken soup one) I would prepare 2-3 of the bottles.

How is Avocado Oil? Well, if I hadn’t ever tried Keto Chow with heavy cream, I would think it’s awesome, but I have – so I still think it tastes far better with heavy cream and that’s what I’m using now that I’m back home. For shelf stable purposes, for people with issues digesting the heavy cream, for those that are lactose intolerant, or for people that want insanely low net carbs, avocado oil is an amazing option. I’m planning on putting a bunch in my basement for emergency food storage. Coupled with Keto Chow powder and water, I’m set!

Most of my Cron-O-Meter entries for the last week look something like this:

Yeah, that’s 1.4g of net carbs for the whole day! That’s insane. We’re talking 100% of my daily nutrition: with all my fat, all my electrolytes, protein, and more – with 1.4g of net carbs. Along with the low net carbs, my blood ketones were consistently in the 4-5.5 range.

Staying Keto Chow only at the conference really wasn’t that hard. When everyone else was standing in line for a lunch box, I was on-time for my next class. When everyone else was trying to find dinner accommodations, I drank mine (and often headed back to the hostel to sleep!). At the “DreamFest” concert, while all the people were scrambling to get hotdogs or the other food available (yeah like any of it would be keto friendly!) I just went and grabbed a seat – no fuss, no muss. The grand total cost of all my food for 5 days was $55.71 – that’s a screaming deal at just over $11 a day.

The picture collection at the top of this post is the “headshot” photos they offer for free in the “Admin” zone at DreamForce. I’ve gotten one each year I went. The first one was taken about 2 weeks before I started Keto. That year during DreamForce I gained 4lbs. The next 2 years I was, and stayed, keto – but I still gained 2-3 lbs during the conference. This year? I lost 2.2 lbs the 5 days I was gone.

New Video on Preparing Keto Chow 2.0

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Now that Keto Chow 2.0 is available, I figured it was a good time to do a new video on how to prepare Keto Chow, specifically 2.0 now that there’s a scoop included. I also wanted to show off the cool shirt my wife bought me and the awesome scar on my left bicep I got when I attacked myself with a quadcopter a while ago =)

Now, the production quality isn’t the best and the circumstances were actually pretty bad. I did have a really nice microphone (that was hooked up to my cell phone, strangely enough) this time so the sound quality is considerably better, but I ran into a bunch of issues:

  • My house is undergoing some pretty serious remodeling, now that we stopped making 1.9, so I couldn’t do the video in my house where I have supplies on-hand. Instead, I had to take everything to our warehouse and shoot the video there. I used the backdrop we bought for KetoCon but the field of view was too wide so I rolled over a pallet of blender bottles to hide some of the background.
  • I screwed up doing the blender and ice – only had a little ice left when I did the second take.
  • Then the large warehouse door was opened in the middle of take 2. I didn’t have any more ice so I had to just roll with it.
  • I flubbed what I was saying a few times but couldn’t re-shoot it – whatever! =)

In case you were curious here is the stick blender I was using. It’s really expensive but works exceptionally well. For comparison, here’s one of my earlier videos back before I started doing Keto, I’m less of a man now =)

Keto Chow BlenderBottles are back in stock

We ordered a bunch of Keto Chow branded BlenderBottles back in January to restock the ones we were using up rather quickly – we still ended up running out of stock on just about all the colors. Well, that’s over and we have all 10 colors back in stock, including black. We actually have another, even larger, order going already – it’s super fun trying to anticipate how much we’ll need 4-5 months in advance.

The previous 2 orders were small enough, we were able to simply drive 20 minutes to the BlenderBottle offices and pick it up, this order was three 8 foot pallets, so we had it delivered instead =) Anyhow, you can order them on

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Keto Chow branded Blender Bottles now available in 10 colors

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I’m happy (my wife is even happier!) to announce that we now have 10 colors of Keto Chow branded 28 oz. Blender Bottles (actual, genuine, Blender Bottles – not cheap knock offs) in stock and available. This comes after about 2 weeks of delays due to holidays and snowstorms. They all look pretty awesome with the Keto Chow logo. We’ve had black ones with the logo for a while but reserved those for the “Sample all the things” flavor sampler, now anyone can get them in a wide variety of colors:

We still have around 20 of the regular Pink Blender Bottles without the Keto Chow logo. We don’t have to observe the “minimum advertised price” rules with the ones that have our logo on them, but the plain ones can’t be advertised for any less than $7.79 – but if you order some and add coupon code PINKBB you might see that price drop $2.

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New site feature: Custom Calorie Calculator

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I just added a new tool to the Nutrition Information page: a calorie customizer.

It’s simple to use, just put in the calories you want for the day and it’ll tell you how much heavy cream and/or oil to use. It will also tell you how many grams of carbs, protein, and fat you’ll be getting in each meal. It’s pretty awesome =) One thing to note: some of the fine details are different from what you’d get on the nutrition labels – among other things I discovered the protein content and calories for the heavy cream were off by a tiny amount. This calculator is using all the latest information I have available and using the USDA values for Heavy Cream. The heavy cream you use may have slightly different values too (which I think is what happened, I probably had values in for the “Darigold 40” I get from Costco).

For fun, it’s also right here:

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Revised Keto Chow Brownie/Muffin recipe

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My original Keto Chow brownie/bar recipe was a bit of a hack, luckily one of my readers refined the recipe and shared his changes. The result is a much better “brownie” recipe that also makes extremely good muffins. Here is the updated recipe, and here are some photos from last night:

I’ve made it “Brownie” style in a pan and then cut up but I ended up with an uncooked center section. Splitting it up into “muffins” removes that problem entirely and makes it less crumbly so it’s easier to transport. I made 6 “meals” with 3 muffins being a meal.

Personally, I like this better than the muffins made with the pancake/muffin recipe since they don’t collapse after cooling. I’m planning on making a batch next time I’m traveling since it doesn’t absolutely require refrigeration for a few days and transports easily.

Is Powdered MCT oil viable for Keto Chow

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With Keto Chow there are several liquid ingredients you have to add to the mixture for it to be complete:

  • Heavy Cream
  • MCT Oil
  • Fish Oil

You have the option of doing the fish oil as pills (which is what I personally do). But wouldn’t it be cool to somehow include the MCT oil as well as the heavy cream? Well, I previously explored powdered cream, to put it quickly: turns out it’s powdered sweet cream and has WAY too much sugar, isn’t going to work. How about powdered MCT Oil?

To make an oil into a powder you have to mix it with a carbohydrate. Rosa Labs (Soylent 1.5) powders their oil using maltodextrin (a complex sugar) and you can get MCT oils that have been mixed similarly with starches and other sugars to form a powder. Keto 101 says you need to minimize the amount of carbohydrates that aren’t fiber so using maltodextrin isn’t going to work. I did discover that Quest (makers of Quest Bars) has a powdered MCT oil that uses “Soluble corn fiber” and claims to have 0g of sugars or complex carbohydrates. That might actually work. The problem then is the cost. a 454g (1 lb) container is $30 and for the 300 calories of MCT oil you would need 45g of the powdered MCT (1/10 the container per day) at a cost of $2.97. Regular MCT oil you need 39ml a day and it costs $0.59. Over the course of a week, liquid MCT oil would be $4.13 while the powdered stuff would cost $20.79. That isn’t even including the labor and other expenses if I were to include the MCT oil in the mix, that would probably drive up the price of a week of Keto Chow over $100.

So while it may be viable to include powdered MCT in the mix; economically it makes little sense, especially since you have to add other liquid ingredients anyway.

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