Keto Chow branded Blender Bottles now available in 10 colors

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I’m happy (my wife is even happier!) to announce that we now have 10 colors of Keto Chow branded 28 oz. Blender Bottles (actual, genuine, Blender Bottles – not cheap knock offs) in stock and available. This comes after about 2 weeks of delays due to holidays and snowstorms. They all look pretty awesome with the Keto Chow logo. We’ve had black ones with the logo for a while but reserved those for the “Sample all the things” flavor sampler, now anyone can get them in a wide variety of colors:

We still have around 20 of the regular Pink Blender Bottles without the Keto Chow logo. We don’t have to observe the “minimum advertised price” rules with the ones that have our logo on them, but the plain ones can’t be advertised for any less than $7.79 – but if you order some and add coupon code PINKBB you might see that price drop $2.

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New site feature: Custom Calorie Calculator

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I just added a new tool to the Nutrition Information page: a calorie customizer.

It’s simple to use, just put in the calories you want for the day and it’ll tell you how much heavy cream to use. It will also tell you how many grams of carbs, protein, and fat you’ll be getting in each meal. It’s pretty awesome =) One thing to note: some of the fine details are different from what you’d get on the nutrition labels – among other things I discovered the protein content and calories for the heavy cream were off by a tiny amount. This calculator is using all the latest information I have available. and using the USDA values for Heavy Cream. The heavy cream you use may have slightly different values too (which I think is what happened, I probably had values in for the “Darigold 40” I get from Costco).

For fun, it’s also right here:

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Revised Keto Chow Brownie/Muffin recipe

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My original Keto Chow brownie/bar recipe was a bit of a hack, luckily one of my readers refined the recipe and shared his changes. The result is a much better “brownie” recipe that also makes extremely good muffins. Here is the updated recipe, and here are some photos from last night:

I’ve made it “Brownie” style in a pan and then cut up but I ended up with an uncooked center section. Splitting it up into “muffins” removes that problem entirely and makes it less crumbly so it’s easier to transport. I made 6 “meals” with 3 muffins being a meal.

Personally, I like this better than the muffins made with the pancake/muffin recipe since they don’t collapse after cooling. I’m planning on making a batch next time I’m traveling since it doesn’t absolutely require refrigeration for a few days and transports easily.

Is Powdered MCT oil viable for Keto Chow

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With Keto Chow there are several liquid ingredients you have to add to the mixture for it to be complete:

  • Heavy Cream
  • MCT Oil
  • Fish Oil

You have the option of doing the fish oil as pills (which is what I personally do). But wouldn’t it be cool to somehow include the MCT oil as well as the heavy cream? Well, I previously explored powdered cream, to put it quickly: turns out it’s powdered sweet cream and has WAY too much sugar, isn’t going to work. How about powdered MCT Oil?

To make an oil into a powder you have to mix it with a carbohydrate. Rosa Labs (Soylent 1.5) powders their oil using maltodextrin (a complex sugar) and you can get MCT oils that have been mixed similarly with starches and other sugars to form a powder. Keto 101 says you need to minimize the amount of carbohydrates that aren’t fiber so using maltodextrin isn’t going to work. I did discover that Quest (makers of Quest Bars) has a powdered MCT oil that uses “Soluble corn fiber” and claims to have 0g of sugars or complex carbohydrates. That might actually work. The problem then is the cost. a 454g (1 lb) container is $30 and for the 300 calories of MCT oil you would need 45g of the powdered MCT (1/10 the container per day) at a cost of $2.97. Regular MCT oil you need 39ml a day and it costs $0.59. Over the course of a week, liquid MCT oil would be $4.13 while the powdered stuff would cost $20.79. That isn’t even including the labor and other expenses if I were to include the MCT oil in the mix, that would probably drive up the price of a week of Keto Chow over $100.

So while it may be viable to include powdered MCT in the mix; economically it makes little sense, especially since you have to add other liquid ingredients anyway.

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Scaling up meals of Keto Chow (6 at a time!)

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Whilst replying to a thread over on reddit I remembered something I had pondered upon a few weeks ago: I was making 12 blender bottles of Keto Chow for my wife and myself (lasts a whole 2 days if we both eat 3 meals a day) and thought that making Keto Chow for 2 is workable though kinda tedious. What if ALL the family was on Keto Chow? Granted, the smaller kids wouldn’t drink a full one but the big kids would and I would still probably need 7 meals worth just for the one meal. Mixing them individually doesn’t scale well, so how do you scale it?

Others mentioned it before but I hadn’t ever tried it: mass mixing 3 or more meals at a time either in a blender or in a pitcher with an immersion blender. Last night I tried it. I target 1400 calories a day so I’m using 50ml of heavy cream per meal. I like the thickness when I mix it up to be 16 fluid ounces (about 475ml). At that volume I could fit 8 meals into a 1 gallon pitcher. Figured it would be nice to have some room at the top to avoid spilling so I decided to do 6 meals at a time. The math was easy enough, just multiple everything by 6. 50g of powder = 300g. 50ml of heavy cream = 300ml. 13ml of MCT oil = 78ml.

  • I stuck it all in the pitcher then added water to about the half point.
  • I blended it for a bit with the immersion blender to get it going and then finished filling with water to the 3 quart mark.
  • Kept the blender going for about 5 minutes.
  • Finally I measured out 16 ounces into individual bottles and stuck them in the fridge.

The time stamps on my camera say it took 7 minutes from start to finish. Awesome!

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Making Keto Chow in a Hotel

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Doing something like Keto Chow in a hotel room presents some interesting issues. I’ve done another “soylent” in hotels before and I’ve done Keto Chow while camping. I’m using a couple tools to make this all work in my hotel room.

  1. A refrigerator. Doesn’t come standard in the room though a quick call to the front desk and it’s happily chilling out.
  2. Shelf stable cream, specifically the Trader Joe’s brand. While it’s not the same fat content as the Heavy Cream I normally use, this travels well and you don’t have to worry about it. It comes in smallish 8 ounce containers and plugging the nutrition information from the package into the Recipe Editor on it says that I need to use all 236ml per day to get 1400 calories. This works out to 78ml per meal. So I open a box, split it 3 ways and I’m done with that box.
  3. I brought along two of the 18oz Hydro Flask insulated containers. These should keep lunch nicely chilled all day.
  4. I brought along a bottle brush and dish soap. You have to scrub out the hydro flasks (and blender bottles).
  5. I have 3 blender bottles. I’m going to mix in these and transfer 1 or 2 meals into the hydro flasks as needed.
  6. I stopped and grabbed a bottle of liquid coconut oil since my containers of MCT oil are the massive 64 ounce ones.
  7. Scale, measuring cups, a bowl to measure into and some fish oil pills.

Anyhow, should be interesting to see how it all works out. I have classes tomorrow and the included breakfast is bagels and pastries. No way am I eating that junk. Going to bring along my Keto Chow and if I’m lucky there will be a cheese tray during lunch.

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New “how to prepare Keto Chow” video (6 meals)

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Had some time yesterday to make a new video on how to prepare Keto Chow. I also wanted to talk about using an insulated thermos like this 40 ounce Hydro Flask or this 16 ounce one because you can use them for when you won’t have refrigeration available. You can also use them to maintain “slushy” for hours Keto Chow made mostly with ice in a blender (think Wendy’s Frosty). Takes me about 14 minutes to make 6 meals worth in the video, it’s faster if you’re not ‘splaining stuff.

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Coconut Cream as a possible substitute for heavy cream in Keto Chow

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A comment on another post asked about the feasibility of using coconut cream for Keto Chow.

It just might work.

I looked into “Trader Joe’s Coconut Cream”:


I calculated for 250ml of this Coconut Cream for a target kCal/day of 1300 (same as 50ml of heavy cream. It ups the NET carbs from 12g to 20g/day which isn’t optimal but should work fine. It is significantly more expensive though, the 250ml costs around $3.50 a day, compared to $0.75 for the same amount of calories from heavy cream. I also don’t have figures for the Omega 3 and 6 content so those end up red on the recipe editor.

Still, I’m going to grab some and give it a try, see how it goes. For those that can’t handle heavy cream, this might be a viable option. Update: here are the results.

Preparing a week of Keto Chow powder – video

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Time to post a video of mixing up a week of Keto Chow. It’s very similar to my earlier videos for People Chow and Ketofood. You can find the recipe for Keto Chow here. There’s also a video showing what to do with the powder, mixing up 3 meals here.

I mix all 7 days at the same time and do not have a problem with it separating or consistency in the mixture. It’s pretty tiring when people want to argue the merits of mixing this way so I’m not going to argue with them anymore =) I’ve been mixing this way for going on 8 months, never had a problem. You don’t like it? don’t use it! Go ahead and mix every day individually; but this works far better for me than mixing individual days ever did.

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