Beverly’s Week 6

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This has been a fun week for me!  Spending three days with one of my sisters and her family was a much-needed and enjoyable break from regular life.  I missed my great husband and my little dogs but three days goes by in a blink.  When scheduling my trip and then during the time leading up to the trip, I was a little nervous (for lack of a better word) about the liquid diet aspect of life and how that would translate when traveling.  I even considered choosing a trip date post-April-12 when I was booking my flight.  But I honestly did not want to wait that long to see her!  A few days before the trip, I finally reminded myself to focus on enjoying the trip rather than overthinking the diet.

What could I have possibly been worried about?  Everything went GREAT!  In an airport, I paid $2.47 for a cup of hot water so I could mix up some bouillon.  I will try to do that differently next time.  ;)  When I was feeling a little shaky during a flight, I tipped a little salt packet onto my tongue and chased it with some bottled water.  My fantastic sister made my diet a breeze for me by stocking up before I arrived on everything I would need including heavy whipping cream, diet soda, and flavored sparkling water.  She already had large Blender Bottles.  I remained hydrated during each day’s activities and easily stayed on my usual schedule.  When she started making dinner for her family each day, I started mixing up my first shake of the day then had my other two shakes within the next few hours.

The most difficult part of the trip for me was Sunday morning during the layover between flights.  Even though I had a coffee earlier, a water on the first flight, and was sipping on a diet soda, I just wanted to eat.  It wasn’t the food I was seeking though – rather, it was the comfort and relaxation I was wanting.  I was exhausted – I had gotten up at 3:00 a.m and I was longing to be home.  All I could think about was the fact that almonds and possibly Quest bars were right there at every snack stand and shopping spot located such short distances away.  I gathered my resolve and buckled down to staring at my phone intently.  I scrolled through all the comments on my familiar Reddit keto sub groups and the Keto Chow Facebook Support Group.  Being engaged in these active support systems really helps me every day so it fits that this is where I turned when I was struggling.  By the time I arrived home, I was ready to drink the two Keto Chow shakes I had left in the refrigerator before my trip (thank goodness my husband didn’t drink them!).  After a nap and a few chores, I mixed up a bunch of shakes so that my husband and I are both stocked up again – 12 shakes for him (4 each of Strawberry, Chocolate, and Salted Caramel/Chocolate) and 18 shakes for me (6 each of Snickerdoodle, Cookies and Cream, and Salted Caramel).

My ketones were a little wonky on the days around the trip (charts are below as usual) – and I forgot twice to even check them.  The day after I returned home, the scales indicated a weight loss of 6 pounds which I’m sure was due to hydration levels especially since my weight went back up 3 pounds the next day.  After this week, I think I’ll skip adding the charts when I write each week (they are boring since the numbers are the same every day) but I won’t stop tracking the data.  I think I included the charts in the beginning for accountability.

Tip:  Those little salt packets are great to keep in your purse.  You can pick up a couple when you see them in fast-food restaurants.  Or you can keep a little flask of Keto Chow’s Fasting Drops with you.  I will have mine soon because I have an order (along with Savory Chicken Soup and Chocolate) arriving later this week.

Chris mentioned me by name in his Day 41 video!  It is cool to me that he remembers I once did “only Keto Chow” for longer than he ever has.  Woo hoo!  In his video, he gave me credit for over 160 days…  the stint he was referring to started at the beginning of November 2017 and lasted until sometime in March or April 2018.  Unfortunately, I do not remember the exact ending date or exactly how many days I did (Chris might know better than I do!).  That extended liquid diet was interrupted in the middle by a cruise in January 2018, though, so I never felt I could claim the entire length of the liquid diet anyway.  While on the cruise, my husband and I ate one or two reasonably small keto meals and drank one or two shakes each day (we both lost weight!).  During those five months of liquid diet, I was journaling my experience on Reddit under a username that I have since deleted – so I lost a lot of information and stories that I wish I still had.  :(  Little life regret.

By the way, does anyone else shake their Blender Bottles as aggressively as Chris shakes his?  Has anyone else even noticed what I’m talking about?  I watch him in wonder because when I mix a shake in a Blender Bottle, it goes quickly:  water, cream, powder, lid, sideways shake, upwards shake-shake-shake, more water, shake-shake, done.  He shakes and shakes and SHAKES each bottle!  I am physically unable to put the amount of effort into mixing a shake like he does.  So thank goodness the product doesn’t require it.  :)

Back at work on Tuesday, I forgot to eat lunch.  Of course, I am technically speaking of my first shake of the day which I have been drinking at 4:00 p.m.  At 4:50 p.m., I suddenly realized I had not eaten yet.  I didn’t even feel like I needed to eat!  This was unusual because most days I am counting down the time for 4:00 p.m. to arrive.  Since I was heading to yoga soon and didn’t want to wait until 7:00 p.m. for my first shake,  I went ahead and drank it about 5:15 p.m.  Hunger has been almost non-existent this week.  This is a huge relief after having many days of thinking about food all day long.

Speaking of Chris and his videos…  I really enjoy listening to him (along with Miriam and others when they chime in) talk about the day’s happenings.  It makes me smile to know that I am not alone on this liquid diet journey!  Like him, I am starting to make plans for what those first meals after April 12 will be…

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Poop Talk: It’s a Keto Thing, Right?

Since I’ve been doing keto since 2017 I’ve probably googled or talked to other keto people about my bowel movements more times than I ever did before my keto existence. Then the past few months I started introducing intermittent fasting and I was right back to my regular inquiries of the internet to learn what I was possibly doing wrong or my body was lacking to cause my irregular bowel issues. It’s a strange thing, because on one hand it’s a little awkward to bring up and on the other hand completely normal for keto-ites to have a conversation about how their poop is coming out for them and what they’ve learned about adjusting their electrolytes, fiber or another intake to help avoid the common issue of constipation or diarrhea.

A friend came to me recently and said, “I’ve heard people on the keto diet have all kinds of problems pooping.” It’s true, it is commonly known that the high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet can lead to constipation and diarrhea. But we can all agree, we don’t talk openly about this without non-keto friends.

But like you, I was relieved (literally) to learn that I am not alone in this. In fact, a recent search on google trends shows an increase in the past five years for the search of “keto constipation” and “keto diarrhea”. And if you’re on Reddit, the groups on there often have threads that discuss at length what people are eating and how to help with either of these two keto bowel issues.

Google Trends Keto Constipation Keto Diarrhea search

So if you’re new to keto and concerned about your infrequent or frequent bowel movements, the color or the consistency of your poop based off the Bristol Scale (yes they have a chart of that), no worries, it’s perfectly normal.

Bristol Stool Chart NPR

Credit: NPR

Here are some articles I found to be helpful in that answer some of the questions of these common keto bowel issues:

Keto and Poop – Something We Need to Talk About

The Scoop on Poop: Bowel Changes on the Keto Diet

So with all of that said, it’s just another one of those KETO things that reminds of me of that saying. “It’s a Keto thing…You wouldn’t understand.” 

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Beverly’s Week 5

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series 100 Days of Keto Chow - Beverly's Experience

So, my wonderful husband lost 6.8 pounds in January for the DietBet challenge!!  He did not “win” because he lost less than 4% of his weight but 6.8 pounds is a lot and I am so proud of him.  I considered joining another keto DietBet challenge but decided that probably was not a very good idea because it is highly unlikely that I would be able to lose another 4% in a month.  I am not willing to part with my cash easily.  ;)

You have certainly heard many keto people talk about their concerns regarding nutrients, macros, and supplements.  (Sometimes that concern is actually the thing that leads them to Keto Chow because it is nutritionally complete!)  Personally, I was never before concerned about nutrients and never tracked my macros.  I never even counted my carbs before starting on Keto Chow.  I just knew what foods were low carb foods, and I ate those foods – as much as I wanted to eat.  (Don’t knock it – I lost about 80 pounds that way!)  Becoming a customer of Keto Chow though led me on a path to understanding of electrolytes, macros, and calories.

For years, I had a shoebox full of vitamins and minerals that I took twice a day without fail, but I honestly didn’t know the reason why I took most of them.  After educating myself by reading everything on the Keto Chow website and all of the books and links that were referenced, I decided to enter into Cronometer an entire day’s worth of every single thing I was consuming.  It was eye-opening!  I realized just how many things I was over-consuming and where I was lacking.  I immediately made adjustments.  The supplements I take now are fish oil (1600 mg Omega 3), iron (27 mg), potassium (90 mg), and a probiotic.  The most important thing for me has been the increase of sodium.  Without extra sodium (substantially more than Keto Chow provides), I feel weak and shaky.  Now that the Fasting Drops are in stock, I am planning to order some of those!

When I wrote my post last week, January hadn’t quite ended.  I can now report that my official weight loss for January was 3.6 pounds with an initial weigh-in on January 2 of 135.6 and a February 1 weigh-in of 132.  It is sooooo difficult to be excited about 3.6 pounds but I am trying to be.  Losing (almost) one pound per week is great but it does not sound like much.  :(

Times like this, I have to remind myself of how far I have come.  I recently posted this picture on Reddit.  My mother had said to me in December, “Could you have ever imagined you would look like this at 50?”  Heck, no!  I have been struggling with obesity since fifth grade!  Her comment really hit me and made me start thinking about how I felt about myself and about my life when I was 40 and made me take this comparison photo.  When I was 40, I could have never imagined so much could change in my life.  Now at 50, I am so grateful to realize that big changes can occur at any stage in life.

When I was heavier and yo-yo dieting, slow/small results would have sent me on a sugar binge cycle that resulted in certain weight gain and possible derailment of further efforts for weeks or even months or sometimes years.  It did not take much to make me think that efforts were not worth the results.  I finally possess the maturity (hopefully) and the wisdom (only by experience) in life to continue making the same choices each day as I would have if I had lost two or three times as much last month.  Being on a liquid diet is hard work though.  It takes determination and commitment to face the challenges of social discomfort, hunger, lack of variety, absence of chewing motion, mourning of snacks…  seeing results is what makes those challenges worth it.  I am trying to remind myself that persistence will be the key.

This week, I have really struggled with “hunger”.  I just want to eat!  During the day at work, I feel like I think about snacks all day long.  When I was at a Mexican restaurant with my husband on Sunday, I was overwhelmed by the smells and the sizzling plates.  But I keep on powering through.  Maybe I need to buy some sugar free gum…  My meal times continue to be 4:00 pm, 6:00-7:00 pm, and 8:00 pm.  And I am getting plenty of calories.  But I do miss eating.  Here again, I have to remind myself of previous times in life.  Last time I did a liquid diet (November 2017 to February 2018), I was doing 900 calories a day.  So what I am doing now is much easier than that was.  (The results I saw during that time were awesome though – I lost 50 pounds in four months!)

Tomorrow morning, I am headed out of town to visit one of my sisters.  I have been fretting a bit about how I am going to manage my liquid diet while being away from home for four days.  Baggies of Keto Chow samples and bouillon cubes will be with me, and I will be fine.  My focus and attention will be on my sister and her family rather than on the food (or lack thereof).  I am so excited to go spend time with them!


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Soup-er Keto 3 Giveaway with Carrie Brown & Real Salt

We are very excited to partner up with
The Real Carrie Brown and Redmond Real Salt for a
SOUP-ER 2nd Giveaway this month.
It started earlier today
and ends on 2/1/19 at 11:59pm MST.

Remember as always it is
3 companies, 3 prize packages, and 3 Winners!!

Keto 3 Giveaway – Jan 30-Feb 1 (Soup)

Winners will be selected at random through the 3rd party app Gleam following the close of the contest. Winners will be contacted directly and prize package shipped by Keto Chow out of Utah. Winners may be posted on any or all of the participating company social media pages by Monday, February 4th.

[Fine Print: No Purchase Necessary. The number of eligible entries received will determine the odds of winning. This contest in no way is sponsored by Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Another winner will be selected if the prize packages are forfeited or unclaimed. Keto Chow has the right to obtain and publicize the winner’s names and likeness. Void where prohibited by law. Winners will be notified via email and given 24 hours to reply to the email to claim their prize. If a reply is not received within the time period than a new winner will be selected.]

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Be Well, Be Keto Podcast Guest Interview

Be Well Be Keto Logo

“Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results”
is the tagline of this popular podcast by Tracee Gluhaich.

And Chris and Miriam were interviewed on a recent episode of the Be Well, Be Keto podcast. If you aren’t familiar with Tracee, she is an expert in ketogenic lifestyle. She loves helping women (and men) boost energy, burn fat and banish brain fog. She inspires her listeners to try the keto diet to heal their gut and be more efficient at the gym. Tracee is also a mom, a wife and an Integrative Health Coach and Personal Trainer who lives on an organic farm in California.

Check out the episode here.

Tracee can be found online:


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Keto 3 Giveaway for January: Pili Nuts, Nature’s Hollow, Keto Chow Chocolate Toffee & Mag Drops

We are very excited to partner up with Pili Nuts and Nature’s Hollow
this month for an awesome giveaway.
It started earlier today and ends on 1/18/19 at 11:59pm MST.

Remember as always it is
3 companies, 3 prize packages, and 3 Winners!!

Keto 3 Giveaway January

Winners will be selected at random through the 3rd party app Gleam following the close of the contest. Winners will be contacted directly and prize package shipped by Keto Chow out of Utah. Winners may be posted on any or all of the participating company social media pages by Saturday, January 19.

[Fine Print: No Purchase Necessary. The number of eligible entries received will determine the odds of winning. This contest in no way is sponsored by Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Another winner will be selected if the prize packages are forfeited or unclaimed. Keto Chow has the right to obtain and publicize the winner’s names and likeness. Void where prohibited by law.]

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Keto Pumpkin Recipe Roundup

October brings the brisk air, falling leaves and all thinks PUMPKIN! We’ve seen a lot of amazing posts from our customers using our Pumpkin Spice Caramel Keto Chow. So that made us hungry and we went on the search for other yummy pumpkin recipes you could enjoy on keto.

Keto Pumpkin Recipe Roundup

Crustless Low Carb Pumpkin Pie

Crustless Low Carb Pumpkin Pie



Now that we’ve shown you all of these amazing recipes featuring pumpkin, forgive us for also featuring one of our favorite Keto Chow flavors to date. Probably the quickest way to enjoy your favorite pumpkin flavor and still stay KETO.

Pumpkin Spice Caramel Keto Chow

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KetoCakesUtah.com – tested them out with my glucometer, seems legit

There’s a bunch of (almost) local ladies doing “Keto Cupcakes” – you order them online and then pick them up at pre-arranged pickup points around Northern Utah. It fills my need to feel like I’m buying drugs, so we bought a bunch and picked them up in the Scheels parking lot. The nutrition page isn’t as specific with details as I’d like, so we decided to try testing our glucose for 30 minutes before, and then an hour after eating one, it’s something I’ve done before with my own product to make sure it’s not spiking my blood sugar. “We” being myself and my wife, who was going to fast today but decided she was willing to eat a cupcake for science. We tested our glucose twice and then each ate two halves of a cupcake (so we could try both) at 10 am (roughly 13-16 hours of fasting) and tested every 15 minutes for an hour.

Except for one aberrant reading, our glucose went down – which seems to indicate they’re legit keto. Glucose going down may be the result of an insulin response without an influx of glucose for it to take care of – which is typical for non-caloric sweeteners, erythritol in this case. My blood ketones before the test were the same 0.4mmol/dL as after the test. So, we’ll likely order more in the future. It’s always good to support small businesses, especially local ones catering to the low carb/keto market.

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