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If you’re ready to get your feet wet, our Premium Kit may be your sweet spot. With this kit, you’ll have all the tools you need to go from “What is keto?” to “I’ve totally got this!”

  • 16 single meal packets (Chocolate x2, Chocolate Peanut Butter x2, Salted Caramel x2, Vanilla x2, Chocolate Toffee x2, Snickerdoodle x2, Lemon Meringue x2, Strawberry, Banana)
  • Keto Quick Start Guide (a booklet to walk you through all the keto basics)
  • Blender Bottle
  • Keto Chow tape measure
  • Electrolyte Drops (pocket size)
  • Daily Mineral Bottle (Pocket Size)

What is “Keto”?

If carbohydrates are available, your body will burn that first. If carbs are not available, your body will burn fat & your fat stores! “Keto” (scientifically known as “Nutritional Ketosis” but usually referred to as just “keto” or a “ketogenic diet”) involves restricting your diet to moderate protein, very low carbohydrates and high fat. It’s similar to the the Atkins diet, but with more solid science. When you are consuming enough protein to keep muscles happy, restricting carbohydrates as low as possible and making up the rest of your calories in fat, your body switches into a fat burning mode. Your liver will begin converting fats into energy molecules known technically as “ketone bodies” – which is where the name of the diet comes from. People end up with MORE energy and vitality on a ketogenic diet. Muscle cells are finally gaining energy instead of all the fuel getting stored away in fat cells because of insulin, specifically insulin resistance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cathleen Vaught
Starter Kit

I like some of the flavors more than others but like how I feel after using them. I will order mostly chocolate and caramel in the future. It satisfies my hunger for several hours. Time will tell how well it keeps me in ketosis. Thanks!

Marisol Luxama

I did enjoy the chocolate.

Sandi Farley
Too much trouble to mix

I wanted something I could mix on the go. Not mix and refrigerate for 30 minutes before drinking.

Sheila Schulz

I haven’t had them for long just couple days. But each one taste great if I could drink these everyday I will have no problem sticking with keto!!

Daniella Mac

Premium Starter Kit

Joi Hook
First time ordering Keto Chow is a success!

I haven't tried all of the flavors yet, but I love all of the ones that I have tried.

Donna Vaughn
Absolutely delicious

I bought the starter kit just to make sure I would like the flavors. I cannot tell you how many times in the past I would purchase a large package/container on shakes that say they are low carb/high protein but tasted like chalk and I’d feel bloated and miserable. I’m so impressed with all the flavors so far, especially the salted caramel and toffee and chocolate and not only do they taste great they make me feel great too! Wonderful product. Thank you

Courtney Scoles

Love the different flavors!

Caren Trahan
Good stuff!

I enjoyed trying all of the different flavors and have incorporated the electrolytes and minerals into my daily routine.