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Keto Chow Banana
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 17 reviews
by Rebecca on Keto Chow Banana
Smell - 5, Taste - 5

Smells and tastes like banana pudding, yum yum

by Alex on Keto Chow Banana

I will admit that this is one of the two flavors I never actually made a shake with (chicken soup was used for the biscuit recipe), but instead was whipped up into pudding. OMG, I can have banana pudding again! I found this to be a similar flavor to boxed banana pudding; not a candy banana flavor a la runts or laffy taffy, but not quite like a real banana smoothie either.

Pudding does need to sit a bit longer or it will tastes saltier. I was impatient though and still enjoyed it. Even whipped up some chocolate PB KC for a duo of pudding flavors.

by Robin on Keto Chow Banana
Love it

This was definitely a flavor that I would like to have again. Banana is one of the things that I miss on keto.

by Al on Keto Chow Banana
1st time loved it

Bought this as a sample to see if I would like it. Mixed it with the chocolate and it was amazing! Nice, thick and creamy! neither taste overpowered the other! Will be buying more as soon as I get home.

by Jessica on Keto Chow Banana

I was really looking forward to the banana flavor, but I found it to be undrinkable. The texture was super slimy and it had almost no banana flavor. It just tasted really sweet. I tried a couple sips and ended up pouring the rest down the drain

by Ed on Keto Chow Banana
My Favorite!

I love banana milkshakes from Checkers, and I like banana Laffy Taffy, and this nails it for me. Sweet and wonderful. Please don’t take away my banana Keto Chow!

by Nathan V on Keto Chow Banana
My favorite flavor

It tastes like a banana smoothie that you would make at home in a blender. The banana flavor is very subtle. Easily my favorite flavor.

by Claire on Keto Chow Banana

I love bananas and anything banana flavored, this almost unbearable to drink and difficult to finish. Very strange flavor.

by hstraf on Keto Chow Banana
Review of banana flavor

Banana is my fourth flavor to try with ketochow. I liked it. It basically tasted like "banana flavored vanilla". Not really strong banana, which I thought was nice.. because I liked the vanilla, and this tasted kind of the same.. but with a banana twist to it.

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I didn't think it tasted like the artificial banana candy stuff. (Runts?) Yes, it was on the "sweet" side... but I actually like that, so it worked well for me. I'll be adding this one to the list of flavors I intend to order for 1 week.

I mixed 80ml of 33% whipping cream with 16oz of water, then added the powder on top. I swished it around with the blender bottle, and then put it into the fridge overnight and had it for lunch the next day.

by doc on Keto Chow Banana

Again, shitty cheap candy artificial. Not unexpected but what was unexpected was how poorly it worked with other flavors; I figured even if I didn't like the banana on it's own I could mix with with chocolate, strawberry or caramel for new flavor sensations but it just overpowered all over them.

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