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by Erik M. on Keto Chow Banana
Tasty, but not too sweet or overwhelming

I have tried most of the Keto Chow flavors, and the banana and strawberry stand out in that they are not so sweet or densely flavored. The banana is tasty, but there is not an overwhelming amount of banana flavoring, nor is it too sweet. Most of the Keto Chow flavors are very sweet; I like sweet things and I can add more water or ice and still get plenty of sweetness and flavoring. I would not dilute my banana Keto Chow, however. Tasty stuff!

by Heather on Keto Chow Banana
Eh, I'll pass.

I won't be buying banana again. It does taste like candy banana, and that's fine, but the flavor doesn't stand up to the vitamins. I'm going to mix what I have left with cocoa powder, or find other culinary uses. I couldn't finish this as a meal.

by Brandon on Keto Chow Banana
Improved flavor, good addition to the family

I missed banana from previous Keto Chow offerings, so I was excited to taste the new flavor. I have to say I am impressed and feel the flavor is stronger and improved. If you put banana runts in a blender and mixed them with some heavy cream, I imagine this is pretty close to how they'd taste. It isn't my favorite, but it is good. Have you tried it yet? If not, you'd better get some "banana for scale"!

like a Banana Popcicle

wow, it's good. tastes like a banana popsicle!

by Sarah on Keto Chow Banana
Kinda muted flavor

Could use a stronger banana flavor, after the first few sips it fades away but it's pretty good

by Heather on Keto Chow Banana
I don't like banana

I don't really like banana anyway. I think it might need more flavor but it's OK

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